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"The Lion and the Sun " by

"The Lion and the Sun " by

" The Lion and the Sun"

The lion attacking or devouring the sun is a motif that appears frequently in alchemical texts. There are many theories as to its significance. Some say it represents a specific chemical process.

Others think it relates to the psychological process os self -improvement and the attempt of our wilder instincts to subdue the person we could become.

In my print, the sun confidently defends itself with its radiance and the lion is stopped. The sun shines on triumphant.

Hand-carved design into lino block, printed with Raw Umber oil _based ink onto 160gsm A4 paper using my homemade press, then burnished by hand. Each print is slightly different due to the printing process, making each print unique!

Stamped with my GlyphArtByCharlotte symbol and signed on the reverse.

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