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Introducing new printmakers for 2022!

Ready for another year of the Thought Press?

Now into the second year of the project, our new theme for 2022 is food growing and gardening.

Following on from the impact that the pandemic has had in the UK with lockdowns from March 2020 until 2021and the effects of furloughing and job losses plus cuts to universal credit, many people have turned to growing their own food and applying to food banks for emergency food supplies.

This year, the 50 printmakers taking part will be raising funds for two charities, Edible Rotherhithe and Trussell Trust.


Sarah Payling

This artist works from her Bedford home studio where I’m sure her twin boys get up to no end of mischief! They feature in her contribution to the project. All of Sarah's prints are doused with meaning. Just look at this gorgeous symbolic print entitled ‘Cracks in the Sand’ – the print is inspired by women of the world and the battles they endure. 


Andy Greenacre

This Suffolk-based artist, loves to create playful pieces using ink, sculpture and photography. In 2017 he dug out his dad’s old lino-cutting kit and carved an image of Southwold Lighthouse. He was hooked and hasn’t stopped printing since! I just love this 'Bread Totem' he’s created, it’s so much fun and very original!  Andy's 'Zoltar Speaks' is available to buy in the Thought Press Project Shop.
Now a full-time artist working in print, photographing, sculpture and writing, Andy is also a speaker & broadcaster on all aspects of creativity and passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy being creative. He recently published his first book ‘Create with Andy G’ (see more HERE).


Georgia Green

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of art in 2018, Georgia Green has been working as a printmaker, muralist and illustrator across Britain and Europe.
In Georgia’s prints dreamscapes and landscapes collide; people and interiors soften into hyper-bright plant and bird motifs; anthropomorphic forms dissolve into something delightfully primitive and hopeful. Within these spaces memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each print. Her work is fun, lighthearted and accessible.


Shelley Selwood

A printmaker from the Peak District, Shelley works in linoprint and produces mainly limited edition prints. She is inspired by her garden and the wildlife that surrounds her studio. You can find her on Instagram and prints are available through her Folksy shop.


Jan Cunningham



Jan is based in Hertfordshire. Originally an Australian that's spent a lot of time travelling, she loves gardening, growing and cooking food as well as making art.  Lockdown, as a full time carer to her husband, saw her get more involved in art and printmaking after she took voluntary redundancy from a security job at the local airport.  She is a self taught artist and enjoys making work she likes,  learning all the time.


Emma Mordue


Emma is a musician and historical reenactor based in Suffolk and has been making linocuts of buildings and places of personal interest. Her work has been very popular with friends and family and her fellow Kentwellies and other reenactors, who immediately recognise the places she depicts. Her style is bold, familiar and energetic. This print of Kentwell Hall sums up the grandeur of the place perfectly.


Sanira Emon

Thought Press Project Manager  

Artist at @ediblerotherhithe

Heart Felt Tips Committee Member

Sanira founded the Thought Press Project to connect people, organisations, and artists. This built on her previous work in London with charities such as Edible Rotherhithe where she ran printing clubs for children after school and was involved in an exhibition with Public Works Group at the Tate Exchange in 2019.
Sanira's art outfit is called Paper Fight Art and her pieces are  available to buy at Three Colt Gallery @threecoltgallery in Limehouse, London (E14 8AP) or directly through Instagram or her Etsy shop (link above).
She takes inspiration from myths and folktales, strong women characters from fiction and pop culture. She also takes commissions including portraits.
Most recently, Sanira has been featured in 'Printmaking Today' and 'Pressing Matters' for her work on the Thought Press Project. which has now returned for its second year!


Dave Hall

Dave is a printmaker from Bristol who has been printing for about 6 years after a 20-year break following art college!

He works mainly in lino printing but often add hand-painting, collage or drawn details wherever he can't achieve the finish he needs with pure print.


His inspiration and subject matter include a lot of creative hobbies and colourful collections. His prints are usually made up from smaller blocks printed over and over again so the images are created using repeated colour and composition rather than one complex detailed print block.


Dave's prints are always colourful, graphic and fun and include a lot of rainbows and classic Bristolian landmarks.


Anthea Wood

Anthea is a second career artist. She started linoprinting in 2019 and set up Amwood Art in January 2021 - she is really enjoying a return to art after a 12 year hiatus.
One of the best things about returning to art has been discovering the inspiring and supportive printmaking community, of which the Thought Press Project is a fantastic example. Art has also helped her reconnect with old friends and discover new ones. 
She has recently moved from Shropshire to Northumberland and is looking forward to exploring and being inspired by the beautiful landscapes and creative community that Northumberland offers. 


Vivien House

Viv is a linocut printmaker from Cambridgeshire.
She takes her inspiration from nature; it has always been a central part of her life and she relishes in the everyday wonders that nature has to offer.

Viv studied Art and Mixed media design at college and always felt the draw to create. She started to linoprint again at the beginning of 2020 as she found it gave her a welcome focus and distraction during lockdown.

She loves the crispness this media offers and combining this with the introduction of colour through hand colouring and using marbled papers brings another dimension to the subject. She is excited to see where each new piece of lino takes her, and has an idea in mind of the final look but she also lets them evolve as she carves.

Viv loved the positivity created (and great funds raised for worthy charities) by last year's project and is excited to be involved again this year.


Vicki Jordan

This artist based in Cheshire, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, produces original linocuts, intaglio and monotype prints.She is a largely self-taught printmaker, drawing inspiration from nature & folklore, and from the wonderful places & landscapes of the UK. She is particularly drawn to pagan imagery, and one of her favourite pieces is her 'Green Man' print. 


Colleen Ellington


This artist from Stockton-on-Tees, has excellent carving skills, as she carved the project logo in a matter of hours and what a great result! You can find more of her work on Instagram, where she experiments with bright colours and intricate shapes.


Faye Dudley

Faye Dudley is a printmaker from the West Midlands. She took up lino printing as a lockdown hobby and wow, look at the results!I am a proud owner of her Xmas Gonks and the fab Silver Siren. There are so many gems to spot on her grid.This Plague Doctor holds so much meaning for us all, during the current pandemic and harks back to the Black Death era, but with the twist of replacing the usual male figure with a female. Her  2021 Thought Press print incorporating her own childhood memories is of a scene set by the sea, the pier, and it is is truly one of her best pieces to date, in all its multi layer glory! Get yours now.


Louise Edwards

Louise Edwards makes nature inspired prints such as her gorgeous red squirrel but I know she's a motorhead too. - she has made some great car prints! I have chosen to feature her poppy print because it's so beautifully printed but there is so much more to see from her. Have a look at her website to find out more - she has an Etsy shop too. Her great tea set print is now available to buy from the shop on this website.


Rebecca Perdue

Rebecca is a hugely talented printmaker from Marlborough. She creates beautifully detailed prints with the theme of British wildlife. She also combines lino print with embroidery and textile printing so please do look at her Instagram account and give her a follow. There’s a lot to learn from this printmaker. Her work is available to buy on Etsy.


Claire Griffiths

Claire Griffiths, an artist and printmaker from the North West of England has produced this gorgeous crab by using lino print on top of a monoprint..

Her work has maritime themes and I love the tangible nature of her prints, I think I can almost feel the texture through my screen! If you would like to get your hands on her prints and feel and see that texture up close, visit her Etsy shop. Links are above.


Mark Simpson

Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Works inspired by the natural wold and landscape.

Truffle Shuffle v2.jpg

Sarah Delahoy

Instagram: @del_art_ful

Facebook: @DelARTfulDesigns

Twitter: del_ART_ful

This Forest of Dean based artist works mainly in collagraph and linocut to create limited edition prints. As well as developing her own work as a full-time printmaker Sarah also teaches printmaking workshops at her studio.
Sarah’s current work is inspired by the natural world with a focus on local wildlife, but she also loves to explore retro imagery from her childhood.


Shane Surgey

This artist from Sheffield is currently creating his first full art collection which has a striking style involving lots of movement and motion, and evokes the flight and motion of birds, the sea and wind currents.

He takes his inspiration from birdlife and nature and works with linocuts to produce some beautiful, balanced prints. The set of prints he has made for the Thought Press Project is beautiful and you should buy yours while stocks last!


Lucy Lou Rose

This printmaker is based in Brighton. She uses multi blocks to create contrasting linear representations of wild animals. I love the big cats series but have featured her big dog here instead. She has a very distinctive style and her great sense of humour comes through in the titles and colour choices. Her lino print designs are available to be printed onto t-shirts, mugs and other Lucy Lou merchandise, all you need to do is ask her!


Louise Midgley

This artist is based in Surrey, Her brand name being inspired by her time in the East, she uses a lot of swirling lines and often opts for a gradient colour print as in the fiery phoenix that I have chosen to showcase here.

She has run linocut workshops in the past and she has her own website where you can check out more of her work, including portraits and nature-inspired prints. Her portraits are particularly eye-catching, ranging from icons such as Louis Armstrong to Virginia Woolf.


Claire Lythgoe

This artist produces handmade prints in her small studio in Brackley, Northamptonshire. She works with reductive block printing, using water-based inks. She loves creating prints for her customers and has many lovely animal themed prints in her shop, often using geometric markings with a strong style and long, curved lines.

For the Thought Press Project the artist has conceived a wonderful image of a girl whose imagination appears in the form of a unicorn's shadow instead of her humble hobby horse! This is printed in a rather gorgeous black and gold ombre ink gradation and is available to buy now!


Kelly Burgess


This printmaker and artist from Essex, also works as an Occupational Therapist and uses her art in her mental health work. So this project and its aims to help Mind Charity is quite close to her heart. Her beautiful koi fish print appears on her insta grid in a few different combinations of patterns and colours but I most like this peaceful one, with the water rippling across the surface.For her Thought Press Project piece, Kelly has experimented with many different colours and layouts to produce her marvellous 80's throwback the Rubix Cube.


Jessica Yeong


Jessica Yeong is the printmaker behind Bert and Roxy. Jessica is based in Lancashire with roots in Hong Kong. Her work is centred around the daily rituals of her life intertwined with her Cantonese culture and heritage. This usually means the theme of food is quite prominent, as it is such an integral and important part of the culture. Using observational drawing, she translates these to block and then carefully hand carves and hand burnishes them to create nostalgic and heart-warming prints that capture the peace and simplicity of these mundane domestic tasks.


John Pedder


John Pedder, woodcut artist from Sheffield, is well known for his bright and bold and geometric abstract prints of human  and other figures. He is also the founder of One of Many Postcard - follow #oneofmanypostcard on social media to find out more! His new book, 'Small Mercies' contains a daily helping of feel-good woodcut prints, definitely made to make you smile 😊 


Jonny Scarramuzza


Jonny Scarramuzza is an artist and printmaker working in the Tannat Valley in mid Wales. As well as working in print, he also carves his original patterns and designs into pieces of Welsh stone and slate.Jonny's prints are characterised by patterns reminiscent of paisley or henna designs. Bohemian in style and using a lot of thin lines to create highly decorative motifs on backgrounds of bold colour, Jonny draws from his other passion slate carving to produce eye-catching work. I have chosen to show you his 'Winter in the City' print in which you can see his use of thin lines in a very different arrangement. A talented printmaker, it seems as though he can apply his style to any sort of image he wants to portray! 


Vicky Gomez

Vicky Gomez is a printmaker based in Hove. She creates original linocut prints inspired by the oceans and sea creatures. She combines her prints with other mediums like watercolour, acrylic or gold leaf. Her style is a bit cartoonish and she always tries to include some fantasy in her designs.
Apart from relief printmaking she also enjoys experimenting with screen printing on fabric.


Sangeeta Bhagawati

Sangeeta Bhagawati is a London based printmaker from India. She makes linoprints with chinecollé, mono prints and etchings. She is inspired by her experience of growing up as a woman in a South Asian culture. The subjects of her prints are mostly women and she tries to channel the feelings of rebellion, strength and communion through her art on woman and body.

Sangeeta’s prints revolve around images of body. They evoke the relation of body with pleasure, loss, power as well as growth. These images, of bodies together as well as in isolation, hinges on the narrative potential of Sangeeta’s work – each print dwells on the possibility of multiple interpretation by the viewer. The aim is to encourage the viewers to feel the myriad emotions provoked by these carvings and mark makings on body.


Tiffany Gregory

Tiffany is an Artist, Maker and Upcycler based in Surrey/ South West London borders. She uses print, paint, collage, mixed media and stictch and my work takes on both 2D and 3D form. Workshops, commissions and online shop available - see above links.


Amanda Cardoso


This printmaker from the South Downs, has a bold style with seemingly hurried strokes in her cuts that lend well to depict furred or feathered animals! Her llama is my absolute favourite and looks gorgeous in blue.I have chosen to show here ‘Jackdaw at Café’ because it’s very bold and present, and it’s part of a collection about environments where birds can be seen to visit people. The subjects are mundane yet injected with much character and quirkiness! For her Thought Press Project print she has produced a lovely beach scene which has sparked interest before it has even reached the shop. Get yours while stocks last!

Wild beasts A5 lino print Maria Buttuller.jpg

Maria Butuller

Maria is a Cotswold based printmaker who produces limited-edition prints from her home studio ‘The Old Crooked House’. Maria is inspired by nature, flora and gothic themes and explores concepts that include folklore, identity, and mythology. When she is not printing, she can often be found outdoors feeding her pet sheep or simply staring at plants and birds.


Mark Arbon

No Social Media

Please contact Thought Press for further details.

Ipswich-based lino-print artist, currently drawing inspiration from natural and made structures in urban and rural settings.

Pictured here is a print that encapsulates his style and subject matter, this one is named 'Viaduct.'


Andrew Szymanski

Andy goes by the name Saltaire Printmaker. As the name suggests he is  based in the amazing mill village of Saltaire. He feels so lucky to live there with many different aspects to the life, the people, shops, history and nature (to name but a few).


Many of his prints are inspired by the local historical buildings and also the nature that surrounds them. He enjoys the stark contrast and striking images a black and white mono print can produce. 


Andy is originally a digital designer/artist but he loves the simplicity and hands on work involved in lino printing. The freedom it gives away from a computer screen. He is always learning the process and taking joy in his printmaking journey.


Beth S Robertson


Beth is an illustrator and printmaker from Scotland. She lives in a village in Fife and is surrounded by the countryside and a beautiful river that meets the sea. She is trained in Illustration and Printmaking, Design and Art Psychotherapy and has worked in several organisations helping people recover from trauma.


She now focuses her efforts on her own art practice and she tutors occasional relief printmaking classes at DCA Print Studio in Dundee.  She also works with the education team to provide art as therapy for people who have had a stroke or a brain injury and she helps them use art as part of their rehabilitation journey. She is able to help both with physical and mental wellbeing of the participants.


Alice Turner

Alice is a self taught printmaker based in South East London, She began her printmaking journey in the first lockdown and hasn’t looked back! She is a big nature lover and this is where she gets a lot of her inspiration. The process of printmaking is what she enjoys most and the uniqueness that each print comes out with. You can find  more of her work and follow her printmaking journey on Instagram on the link above.


Julia Faith


In 2018 Julia discovered printing through a ‘mark making’ evening class at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham under the tuition of Sarah Moss a local artist and print maker.

Following this she has been creating lino images at home in my spare time.  Her lino cutting journey has been an interesting one which has featured mainly the faces of women.   

She is presently working on a range of lino cuttings featuring silhouettes of women’s faces and floral designs by William Morris.   She has always loved his designs and try to feature extracts of them in my work.   Some of her work is turned into inspirational greeting cards which are sold at local shops.  

The demand for prints depicting women of colour from friends and family highlighted to Julia, the lack of representation of black women on various forms of mainstream art.

As a result of this she began producing ‘Inspirational cards’ for shops in the Birmingham area and for private customers.

All of her prints present something positive to the viewer so whatever it is that you are contemplating in life, what are you waiting for?  The time is now.

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