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Introducing the 100 printmakers for 2021!

Thank you to all involved in the very first year of the Thought Press... Read all about them in the short and sweet bios below...

Last year, in 2021 the theme was childhood memories and imagination in aid of all the children who missed out on school and the effects of lockdown and isolation on mental health in people of all ages across the UK and indeed the world. The 100 printmakers who took part collectively raised nearly £5000 for the two charities, Mind and Heart Felt Tips.


Sarah Payling

This artist works from her Bedford home studio where I’m sure her twin boys get up to no end of mischief! They feature in her contribution to the project. All of Sarah's prints are doused with meaning. Just look at this gorgeous symbolic print entitled ‘Cracks in the Sand’ – the print is inspired by women of the world and the battles they endure. 


Andy Greenacre

This Suffolk-based artist, loves to create playful pieces using ink, sculpture and photography. In 2017 he dug out his dad’s old lino-cutting kit and carved an image of Southwold Lighthouse. He was hooked and hasn’t stopped printing since! I just love this 'Bread Totem' he’s created, it’s so much fun and very original!  Andy's 'Zoltar Speaks' is available to buy in the Thought Press Project Shop.
Now a full-time artist working in print, photographing, sculpture and writing, Andy is also a speaker & broadcaster on all aspects of creativity and passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy being creative. He recently published his first book ‘Create with Andy G’ (see more HERE).


Sunbul Akhtar

Sunbul is a talented London printmaker, whose work deals with everyday current affairs that strike a chord with her and includes themes such as anti-imperialism, making them accessible to all. She's not afraid to tackle the difficult issues and many of her prints document atrocities worldwide. She also has a great series documenting the memorable incidents and moments from her own life.
Sunbul has made great flashcards for use by children or adults learning the Urdu language, which were part of a show at the Museum of London and she has many other great prints besides, including her Van Gogh print - an absolute triumph!


Shelley Selwood

A printmaker from the Peak District, Shelley works in linoprint and produces mainly limited edition prints. She is inspired by her garden and the wildlife that surrounds her studio. You can find her on Instagram and prints are available through her Folksy shop.


Manpreet Dhadda

This Yorkshire-based printmaker is a beginner and daylights as an Arts Events Coordinator and Trustee of a Leeds-based live art festival. She focuses on magical and mystical subjects and is currently building an Etsy shop.


Emma Mordue


Emma is a musician and historical reenactor based in Suffolk and has been making linocuts of buildings and places of personal interest. Her work has been very popular with friends and family and her fellow Kentwellies and other reenactors, who immediately recognise the places she depicts. Her style is bold, familiar and energetic. This print of Kentwell Hall sums up the grandeur of the place perfectly.


Andrea Brown

Andrea from Devon, is mainly a lino-cutter but also dabbles in other forms of print such as cyanotype. Her work is inspired by animals, building structures and plants. There is a lot more to see on her grid including a special Star Wars Valentines card with film scenes and a clever pun. In particular, I love her playful rainbow fan of lighthouses and her woolly mammoth which I have pictured here.  The skill used to show point of view and detail in this linoprint is astounding, as the scale of the animal is made apparent even in this pint-sized print! 


Louise Edwards

Louise Edwards makes nature inspired prints such as her gorgeous red squirrel but I know she's a motorhead too. - she has made some great car prints! I have chosen to feature her poppy print because it's so beautifully printed but there is so much more to see from her. Have a look at her website to find out more - she has an Etsy shop too. Her great tea set print is now available to buy from the shop on this website.


Alex Ward

This artist from Hornchurch, bases lino prints on tattoo designs, with some really interesting effects. I enjoy the way these peonies are contrasted against the warm tones of the background colours. 

The teddybear print is now available to buy in the Thought Press Project shop and it's really interesting to see how the signature black ink tattoo style has been used to sentimentalise the form of the careworn childhood cuddly bear toy, like a mark on the memory rather than the body.


Sanira Emon

Thought Press Project Manager  

Artist at @ediblerotherhithe

Heart Felt Tips Committee Member

Sanira founded the Thought Press Project to connect people, organisations, and artists. This built on her previous work in London with charities such as Edible Rotherhithe where she ran printing clubs for children after school and was involved in an exhibition with Public Works Group at the Tate Exchange in 2019.
Sanira's art outfit is called Paper Fight Art and her pieces are  available to buy at Three Colt Gallery @threecoltgallery in Limehouse, London (E14 8AP) or directly through Instagram or her Etsy shop (link above).
She takes inspiration from myths and folktales, strong women characters from fiction and pop culture. She also takes commissions including portraits.
Most recently, Sanira has been featured in 'Printmaking Today' and 'Pressing Matters' for her work on the Thought Press Project. which has now returned for its second year!


Sharon Hiley

Sharon is printmaker based on the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland. She creates beautiful edgy prints inspired by nature. Her cute little dragon 'Rory/ Sky Surfer', is bold with red, black and gold accents. Available to buy in the Thought Press Project shop!


Jenna-Louise Thompson

Artist at @bits_n_peaches

This artist from Oxfordshire has a variety of artwork to offer and whose recent printing style is characterised by rounded shapes and bold simplicity. You can find more of her work on Instagram and she also does artwork for Bits n Peaches, contacts as above.


Rebecca Daniel

A dab hand at watercolour paintings and linocuts too, she uses a mix of watercolour and linoprint to create some great pieces. I recommend her delicate floral carnation print which is really uplifting.


Vicki Jordan

This artist based in Cheshire, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, produces original linocuts, intaglio and monotype prints. I recommend her lovely bird linoprint, perching against a geometric patterned leaf-green background, a real eye-catcher!


Colleen Ellington


This artist from Stockton-on-Tees, has excellent carving skills, as she carved the project logo in a matter of hours and what a great result! You can find more of her work on Instagram, where she experiments with bright colours and intricate shapes.


Jane Spink


Jane is a former Art Teacher based near Rayliegh Windmill in Essex. She makes gorgeous seasonal prints inspired by nature, and even offers a quarterly print club where members have special access to new releases. Her project offering is a beautiful Zebra Finch! The print shown here is her ‘Lesser Spotted Woodpecker’ which is both colourful yet shows off the beauty of Jane’s detailed line work where she captures the delicacy and fragility of each animal she depicts.


Leander Chamberlain

Leander from Canterbury has a very linear and striking style. I love this minotaur print, as I too have been haunted in my childhood by this creature of the Labyrinth after reading Greek myths. Fascinating work! Leander also creates many lovely pieces for the home including a great baking goods-reated linoprint – ‘Oh My Gache!’


Sarah Malpas


Sarah Malpas from the Wirral enjoys the folkloric creatures and there is a gothic edge to her darker prints. I have chosen to feature here the colourful krampus print that she created around Christmas. She has many other prints, to enjoy, including a surprising one of Boris Johnson, so please do give her a follow, you’ll see what I mean when you take a closer look at her grid! Her contribution to the project is the fantastic shrunken head print which is now available to buy from the shop page on here.


Rod MacGregor


A multi-talented artist from Felixstowe, with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  Rod is used to working in many different mediums and styles. HIs work includes some cheeky satirical pieces. I love this woodcut print of a dog drawing that he did a couple of years ago - look at those teeth! His great print 'The Box' is available for sale in the Thought Press Project Shop. Visit his Instagram page to see more.


Rebecca Perdue

Rebecca is a hugely talented printmaker from Marlborough. She creates beautifully detailed prints with the theme of British wildlife. She also combines lino print with embroidery and textile printing so please do look at her Instagram account and give her a follow. There’s a lot to learn from this printmaker. Her work is available to buy on Etsy.


Vivien House

Vivien is a linocut lover based in Cambridgeshire. Her prints are mostly inspired by nature and wildlife with a strong emphasis on pattern play using elements of natural backgrounds and echoing the form of the main subject.  She often hand tints her lino prints with watercolour or prints on marbled paper. Vivien had an interview with The Fens Magazine which you can read in the February 2021 issue.


Claire Griffiths

Claire Griffiths, an artist and printmaker from the North West of England has produced this gorgeous crab by using lino print on top of a monoprint..

Her work has maritime themes and I love the tangible nature of her prints, I think I can almost feel the texture through my screen! If you would like to get your hands on her prints and feel and see that texture up close, visit her Etsy shop. Links are above.


Babs Pease

Babs Please is a renowned printmaker and artist based n Clackmannanshire in Scotland. She has been working on printmaking and art since graduating from Edinburgh University. Her work is characterised by big sweeping lines and curves and a lot of different creatures from the natural world, including her native Ochils region. One of my favourites is her Egret print. The pieces have a traditional feel with a modern twist, and she often works in 2 or more colours. Check out her project piece "When I grow up" which is now available in the shop here.


Emma Taylor

This artist from Hertfordshire is also primary school teacher. She shows a lot of skill in her prints, both in carving and in colour combination choices!

I just love this octopus that I've featured here but she has so much more to offer on her Instagram grid, including her moon cards and metallic handprinted sign language 'I love you' cards.

She has produced a very elegant raspberries print design that is now available in the Thought Press Project shop. Check out her work! 


Darren Mason

Darren Mason, a printmaker from the Midlands, makes some excellent reptilian prints and much more! He likes to print in monochrome and show a lot of intricacy in his style of printing. I have enjoyed Darren’s work for a long time and he draws on mythslegends and folklore as well as nature and wildlife. My favourite print is his dragon (of which I now own a copy) but I also love the battle linoprint and his gargoyles too.  

You should definitely treat yourself to a copy of 'Guarding the Keep' which is available in the shop now!


Amie Bell

A printmaker from Cambridgeshire, with a clear-cut style to her artwork. She has some fabulous fruit prints including these ripe and juicy-looking strawberries that I’d like you to feast your eyes on! Many of her prints are perfect for the kitchen or anywhere around the home. She has a bold contrasting style but with floral graces. 

Amie has contributed to the project, a beautiful print of a crab in a rock pool on some special banana paper which gives the effect of seaweed. This is available in the shop now! And directly from the artist thereafter.


Emily Felgate

This artist from Colchester has been using the natural world as her inspiration. I love the classic illustration leaping pose she's chosen for her detailed fox print.
I think this fox is great with a lot of bundled up energy, as well as decorative intention expressed in the position and small lines in the fox's fur!

Look out for Emily's old cottage print in the Thought Press Project shop.


Claire Lythgoe

This artist produces handmade prints in her small studio in Brackley, Northamptonshire. She works with reductive block printing, using water-based inks. She loves creating prints for her customers and has many lovely animal themed prints in her shop, often using geometric markings with a strong style and long, curved lines.

For the Thought Press Project the artist has conceived a wonderful image of a girl whose imagination appears in the form of a unicorn's shadow instead of her humble hobby horse! This is printed in a rather gorgeous black and gold ombre ink gradation and is available to buy now!


Jasmine Mahoney

Devon based Jas Mahoney has produced this lovely Nandi cow print, based on images of cows in ancient Indian art.


Her work is highly decorative and bohemian, she often portrays humans and other creatures with folksy detail and bold patterns, and is interested in "mystical animal spirits". 


Her print for Thought Press Project is astoundingly beautiful and  tranquil, hand-finished with shimmering metallic watercolours.


Hazel Owens

This Gloucestershire-based artist has created a really interesting and widely varied selection of prints, so please do have a look at her work. I really love this portrait of a musician known as ‘Moondog’ who was also dubbed ‘the Viking of 6th Street’ during his residence in New York. 


Her print for Thought Press Project is one of Jareth's crystals from the 1980s cult fantasy film 'Labyrinth' starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie as the Goblin King.

She has included a lovely fly agaric mushroom print as a free gift!


Ben Clifton

From a small village called Four Crosses, in Powys, Wales, Ben Clifton prints wackily-proportioned figures that lend his work so much character.

This jazzy print will help you enjoy the music. Ben spent his younger years in the Shetlands and this has inspired his print contribution to the Thought Press, a magical trowie from Shetland folklore, a creature that fascinated him in his childhood, and captured his imagination


Melanie Wells

Indelible Mel (Melanie Wells) is a Printmaker and Artist from Horsham who was studying Art & Design in Brighton before the pandemic hit! She has a unique way of printing her own quirky linocuts onto stunning antique and vintage ephemera, including original antique newspapers from the late 1800s and Art Deco music covers. She calls her work 'Beautiful Graffiti'. Her print for the Thought Press Project is entitled 'Rapunzel' and is based on her love of Grimm's fairytales from childhood ~ they had a wonderful gothic, spooky vibe!

More of her work is available using the links above.


Fizah Afzal

This emerging printmaker from Bradford prints many gorgeous subject matters and I enjoy the clear lines against black backgrounds that characterise her recent work. I particularly enjoyed looking at all the scales on these fish!

Watch out for the special swan lino print that she is making for Thought Press Project. It will soon be in the shop.


Amy Turner

Amy Turner hails from the North East. She describes her prints as bright, bold, often inspired by nature or retro fashion, positivity and colour! Her prints definitely make you smile 😊 

For her Thought Press Project piece, Amy has produced a multiblock lino print of a girl with all her rainy day accoutrement and outfit choices! Everything a child needs before they go jumping in those puddles!


Peter Williams

Peter Williams from the North East, but now based in the North West studying mathematics, is known for his diverse printing subjects.


This War of the Worlds print is so great and reminds me of what an important Sci-fi book and radio broadcast that was, to illustrate mass media manipulation.

I can't wait to see the mushrooms print he is making especially for the Thought Press project.


Roz Howling

Roz is attracted to printmaking because being able to pull multiple prints from a single plate enables her to experiment with colour, mark making and texture. She enjoys comparing the outcomes from the original image to develop and stylise her technique.

Roz takes inspiration from the landscapes that surround her and the wildlife and animals in these landscapes. The trees and agricultural landscape feature in her work, often including scenery she has hiked through and explored.

Roz enjoys experimenting and is ever evolving her technique and style in response to the subject of her inspiration. Her work is varied in both its style and technique.


Shane Surgey

This artist from Sheffield is currently creating his first full art collection which has a striking style involving lots of movement and motion, and evokes the flight and motion of birds, the sea and wind currents.

He takes his inspiration from birdlife and nature and works with linocuts to produce some beautiful, balanced prints. The set of prints he has made for the Thought Press Project is beautiful and you should buy yours while stocks last!


Lucy Lou Rose

This printmaker is based in Brighton. She uses multi blocks to create contrasting linear representations of wild animals. I love the big cats series but have featured her big dog here instead. She has a very distinctive style and her great sense of humour comes through in the titles and colour choices. Her lino print designs are available to be printed onto t-shirts, mugs and other Lucy Lou merchandise, all you need to do is ask her!


Louise Midgley

This artist is based in Surrey, Her brand name being inspired by her time in the East, she uses a lot of swirling lines and often opts for a gradient colour print as in the fiery phoenix that I have chosen to showcase here.

She has run linocut workshops in the past and she has her own website where you can check out more of her work, including portraits and nature-inspired prints. Her portraits are particularly eye-catching, ranging from icons such as Louis Armstrong to Virginia Woolf.


Russ Parkinson


Russ is an artist from East London working mainly in papercut and linocut mediums. HIs work is edgy with charisma and he creates sharp contrasts between bright colours combined with black ink. I love this sunny looking Jester type character. The ruff is charming! He often draws on figures from literature such as the minotaur. Check out his Instagram to see more work.

His print 'Little King' has just been added to the Thought Press Project shop.


Kristy Widdicombe-Dutch

Kristy Widdicombe-Dutch is an artist and printmaker who often uses a variety of media and approaches in her work. Based in Thanet, Kent, Kristy practices and sells her work under the banner of Woodlea Studio on Instagram and via her Etsy shop. Her work is often abstract and full of movement and texture and she is inspired by the coastal landscape where she lives with her family.

Her work has been exhibited at the Menier Gallery, Studio 3 Gallery, and as part of the POW! Thanet arts festival. Her linocut print ‘Playful Grasshopper’, is available to buy from the shop on this website.


Wayne Longhurst


This linocut artist, based in Sussex, makes extremely detailed fine art prints often using multiple blocks or reduction print.

His giraffe print was nominated for the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition 2020.

His prints are currently on exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in London.

His brilliant pop art print for the Thought Press Project has sold out for now but may be back in stock for an auction later in the year.


Judith Westrup

This artist is now based in Kent but spent her early childhood on a North Sea island which  perhaps gave her a lot of time to think, as she produces some very thoughtful prints nowadays! They are often accompanied by witty and humorous mottos to get us through our daily life, especially over lockdown.

The artist asked for her print of Dungeness lighthouse to be featured here, as it's one of the pieces she is proud of, I like it because although it is from a linocut, the ink gradation here reminds me of classic Japanese woodcut of the Ukiyo-e era.


Katie Thomas

@clementineartist media

Katie, a skilled printmaker, is based in Kent, and has previously taught art.

This sea-turtle on Bhutanese paper shows a care in pairing prints with the right paper and I love the way it focuses on the detail of the front flipper, in contrast with the heavier shadows of the rest of the body. The shape of the eye and scales are beautifully cut.

She is currently experimenting with her style but has many great prints available on her Etsy page which have a bold, contemporary subject matter and are great for the home.

Her final piece for this project is available on this website's shop!


Katie Cook

Katie Cook is a Leeds based marine biologist in the making. Thus a lot of sea-creatures feature in her artwork but I've decided to show here her lovely multiblock print of a stag beetle. 

She is a talented printmaker and her repertoire of prints  is growing continuously. Check out her Etsy shop for more of her range. Her beautiful print 'Treasures' is now available to buy in the Thought Press Project shop!


Liam Westnidge


This artist from Exeter is not only a printmaker but a hand poke tattoo artist. His prints are bold and simplistic in style, often with strong messages and heavy wide-stroked patterns. He is currently working on print designs for bands and his own musical taste, experimenting with fabric posters and flags.  

His print for the Thought Press Project is a fully customisable cassette, which is great for those nostalgic about music!


Masha Tiplady

Masha Tiplady is a renowned self-taught printmaker based in Edinburgh, who takes her inspiration from nature and glamour of bygone eras. She is a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and People of Print.

It all started with a little lino workshop at a local pub and just look at her work now! Often using leafy, feathery strokes, and fine detail, Masha is the master of thick and thin, light and dark, using concentric shapes to accentuate shadows or lighten tone. Her subjects vary from flowers to Bowie but I think this childhood memory of her pet dog, one of her earliest prints, would make the perfect contribution to the project. 


Faye Dudley

Faye Dudley is a printmaker from the West Midlands. She took up lino printing as a lockdown hobby and wow, look at the results!

I am a proud owner of her Xmas Gonks and the fab Silver Siren. There are so many gems to spot on her grid.

This Plague Doctor holds so much meaning for us all, during the current pandemic and harks back to the Black Death era, but with the twist of replacing the usual male figure with a female. 

Her Thought Press print incorporating her own childhood memories is of a scene set by the sea, the pier, and it is is truly one of her best pieces to date, in all its multi layer glory! Get yours now.


Alfie Robinson

This printer fellow called Alfie, from Leeds achieves charming curved details in his prints based around antique objects.

I love this street furniture clock piece. A real blast from the past and I miss seeing these kinds of things in big cities. Well done to Alfie for preserving these in print form, hopefully for future generations to learn about the past!

For the Thought Press Project, Alfie has printed a wonderful treehouse based on his childhood wishes for one, he lived in a terraced house with a very small back yard so he never got to play in one of these!


Rosalind Gregoire

This printmaker is from London and has used lino print in many different ways including collage, to great effect. Female figures appear in many of her pieces.

For the Thought Press Project, Roz has created the perfect piece from the classic and timeless children's literature, Owl and the Pussycat rhyme. 


Go visit her grid to see more!


Kelly Burgess


This printmaker and artist from Essex, also works as an Occupational Therapist and uses her art in her mental health work. So this project and its aims to help Mind Charity is quite close to her heart. Her beautiful koi fish print appears on her insta grid in a few different combinations of patterns and colours but I most like this peaceful one, with the water rippling across the surface.

For her Thought Press Project piece, Kelly has experimented with many different colours and layouts to produce her marvellous 80's throwback the Rubix Cube.


John Pedder


John Pedder, woodcut artist from Sheffield, is well known for his bright and bold and geometric abstract prints of human  and other figures. He is also the founder of One of Many Postcard - follow #oneofmanypostcard on social media to find out more! His new book, 'Small Mercies' contains a daily helping of feel-good woodcut prints, definitely made to make you smile 😊 

For his Thought Press Project piece John has produced a blind embossed print of the word ART.


Christina Richmond

This artist from Bath, is a designer by day and makes prints in her free time.


She learned to linoprint at college, and later self-taught through experimentation. In her art and design she has always been drawn to work with a good dark/light contrast and strong lines, and finds the carving process and final reveal of linoprinting very satisfying.

She has been steadily printing for nearly a decade now and has a wealth of work which you can check out in her online shop or Instagram. Look out for her joyous and iconic troll doll print in the Thought Press shop!


Vicky Gomez

A printmaker based in Hove, and winner of Handprinted UK 'Joy' print competition, has a strikingly sharp print style.

Her ode to Joy, a little boy jumping up and smacking his heels mid-air, is perfect in gold on black. 

For her Thought Press Print she has created a delightful cartoon-style girl makes cardboard robot scenario, read more about ithis childhood memory, in the artist's own words, by sliding through the images on the website shop on here.

You can find out more about the artist using the links above.


Rebecca Ravenhill


This artist lives with her family in the pretty village of Horrabridge on Dartmoor National Park, in Devon. She produces a great range of art and prints (mostly lino) drawing inspiration from the ever changing Dartmoor countryside, flora and fauna, and tales and legends. Her linoprint for the project is called 'Head in the Clouds' and you can check it out in the shop here!

This hot pink number is called ‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’ and I absolutely love it, it displays the absolute flamboyance of a flamingo.


Jonny Scarramuzza


Jonny Scarramuzza is an artist and printmaker working in the Tannat Valley in mid Wales. As well as working in print, he also carves his original patterns and designs into pieces of Welsh stone and slate.

Jonny's prints are characterised by patterns reminiscent of paisley or henna designs. Bohemian in style and using a lot of thin lines to create highly decorative motifs on backgrounds of bold colour, Jonny draws from his other passion slate carving to produce eye-catching work. I have chosen to show you his 'Winter in the City' print in which you can see his use of thin lines in a very different arrangement. A talented printmaker, it seems as though he can apply his style to any sort of image he wants to portray! 


Maria Pardos


Maria is an amazing printmaker from the North East, originally from Spain. Her print included here is of a Scottish Crossbill that she printed as part of Relief Conspiracy It's quite impressive, and has  been used as the poster image for their exhibition in the U.S..

A lot of her work is inspired by nature, in particular endangered species.

She has contributed a lovely print inspired by a doll's house that her father made for her, and you can see that in the shop.


Katie Armstrong

This artist from Northern Ireland makes linocuts inspired by Irish wildlife, and I recommend you follow her account on Instagram, as she is  a very talented printmaker. 

 I’ve chosen to picture here this cheeky puffin, joyously flipping his feet.

Katie also produces embroidered pieces in addition to linocut and prints.

Her little mouse print is very sweet and would make a lovely addition to anyone's print collection or home, check it out in the Thought Press Project shop.


Samantha Cawson

Samantha Cawson, London based owner of two beautiful rabbits has named her printmaking account after them, "Dot and Sass Press." On her Instagram account you will see appearances from them interspersed by her bold and sassy linocuts.

Her works have a theme of nostalgia and retro vibes running through them and she has a strong style with solid shapes. I absolutely adore her print based on a scene in 1980s film ‘Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead’ as it brings back happy memories of watching this on VCR with my siblings. Love it! 

Her aptly named print featuring erasers "We All Make Mistakes" is now available in the Thought Press Project shop.


Georgia Flowers


An artist printmaker based in Hove, who works in the mediums of linocut and black ink drawing. She is inspired by subjects around the themes of birds, nature and architecture and likes to create bold, linear images through detailed mark making.

Her love of printmaking as a medium means that all of her prints are in limited editions. 

She specialised in art subjects all throughout school and college and graduating in Fine Art: Painting at Bath Spa University in 2008 but is a  a self-taught printmaker. She began working for a specialist art supplies company and discovered her love of lino almost by accident - she wanted to learn more about the materials that she was selling as part of her job and I fell in love with the process as soon as she tried it.

Since 2016 she has been selling her work online, through artists open houses (AOH) and at art fairs but things really started to accelerate and develop in 2018. Her house was nominated for the award of ‘best new open house’ and since then continued to take part in AOH.

She also launched Lawrence Printmaking Club in 2018, where she created a space for printmakers to have access to presses and printmaking facilities and she teaches beginners linocutting workshops there too.

In 2019, her linocut ‘Eastbourne’ was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

As well as online, she now sells my work in a few different galleries and shops in the UK. See her 'Creamy Milk Car' in the Thought Press shop.


Philippa King 


Pippa King is an artist based in East London who works in drawing, sculpture and photography as well as printmaking.

She has just completed an MA looking at ways of making icons that aren’t patriarchal or hierarchical, and is interested in universal patterns... and rabbits. They are magical creatures!

Her print for the Thought Press Project is based on a childhood dream of waking up snuggled next to her pet rabbit. The rabbit girl in the picture is wearing the fairy outfit Pippa had as a child.

Pippa has placed one of her degree art show pieces in her window as part of the East Ham Lockdown Window Art Trail.


Toby Hillman


Toby Hillman, a completely self-taught artist based in Bath, who carves wooden spoons as  well as making prints has a striking print style and uses the Polish method to create tone.

This puppy print pictured here, is just perfect, imo, curled up asleep. The vulnerability of domestic animals is captured in the pose of the dachshund pup and the framing point of view.

His print for the Thought Press Project is a wonderfully nostalgic look back on a humorous memory he shares with his sister. Look out for this in the project shop soon!


Cat Howatson-Jones

Cat, who has contrarily named her account Linomouse , is a graphic designer by day and printmaker by night. She has developed a really lovely style of carving with fluid lines and bright blocks of shape. She puts a lot of thought into her designs which she first creates digitally before carving into lino.

I have always loved this print of her gecko with oranges and here it is, printed up in gorgeous colour on kraft paper. 

She has contributed a print that is quite literally out of this world, so why don't you go and check it out in the shop!


Anna Small

This artist, who is originally from New Zealand but now lives in London, likes to work with bright, multicolour prints. She also likes to draw, paint, sew and make things from wood.

For her prints, she works with both lino and screenprinting. She uses bright colours and bold shapes to create striking images. Here is a piece named ‘Roy’ which I have chosen to feature because I enjoyed the linear play in this print.

Her print for the Thought Press Project is of her little old teddy and it is very sweet. Go and have a look for it in the shop!


Doug Johnson

Birmingham-based Doug Johnson makes some of the best linoprints and linoprint animations I’ve ever seen! I absolutely love the subject matter, the detail and high contrast and the amount of work he obviously puts into carving these masterpieces! I love this print of a snake on a chequerboard, it’s playful, dark and mesmerising all at the same time.


Shauna Cleary

This printmaker from Edinburgh makes some wonderfully sharp prints. I have shared here with you  this playful cassette print that Shauna has made for her "Geek Alphabet" series, referencing the fantasy novel, 'Good Omens' by Pratchett & Gaiman, it's Crowley's go-to road trip music, and really made me smile.

For her Thought Press Project print, Shauna is producing some lovely balloon animal images and you can see all the progress photos if you follow the hashtag #thoughtpressproject on Instagram.


Gavin Hillage

As well as being a Teacher of German, Gavin is a printmaker working from his home studio in London across screen printing, etching, aquatint and linocut.

He has a range of work, most recently using stripes in a chiaroscuro fashion to portray the human form. I have featured here this early 4-colour reduction print in the style of Picasso! 

His prints are available to buy in his Etsy shop and he has just begun making lino print pop up cards.

Gavin's print for the Thought Press Project is a perfect portrayal of imagination, you definitely need to see this print - go to the shop page!


Magriet Straatman

Good Day is  Mags – an illustrator who designs and hand-produces prints, bags and gifts in her London workshop. Mags' designs are inspired by the loves and passions from her life, from children's books, to her dachshund Percy.

Mags produces handprinted, unique products that are made of 100% organic fabrics or printed on recycled paper using natural dyes and inks to ensure they are environmentally friendly.


Zoe Ansari


This artist from Cambridgeshire has worked with etching in the past and is now happily applying her skills to other forms of printmaking including linoprint.

I think this print 'Wolf in the Woods' is definitely one of her best. She expresses great shapes and posture and a lot of folksy, decorative detail!

For her Thought Press Project print, Zoe has produced something equally wonderful and it will rock your world - go and check out her Instagram grid to see what I mean.


Amanda Cardoso


This printmaker from the South Downs, has a bold style with seemingly hurried strokes in her cuts that lend well to depict furred or feathered animals! Her llama is my absolute favourite and looks gorgeous in blue.

I have chosen to show here ‘Jackdaw at Café’ because it’s very bold and present, and it’s part of a collection about environments where birds can be seen to visit people. The subjects are mundane yet injected with much character and quirkiness! 

For her Thought Press Project print she has produced a lovely beach scene which has sparked interest before it has even reached the shop. Get yours while stocks last!


Rachel Lloyd

This illustrator and printmaker, based in Norwich, likes to experiment with letterpress and make small stamps too. I love this chicken linoprint for its cheeky and almost regal pose, it almost reminds me of a lady in a cameo brooch.

You can see a variety of work on her Instagram grid and she

especially enjoys creating a sense of play in her work, using stamping, typography, relief print, drawing and collage.

Her work is influenced heavily by comedy, Dadaism, and craft.


Kerry Prigge

Kerry Prigge is one of a pair of artists Migs & Kerry, who work together and move around the world. Originally from the South West – having lived in Bristol and Cornwall, they now are thinking of a life where they can spend summers in South Africa.


They use a lot of gradation and a pastel rainbow of colours in their work that ranges from paper to fabric pieces. This octopus shows all of these characteristics and encapsulates their style.

For the Thought Press Project, Kerry has printed a beautiful, vintage and almost fairy-like silhouette of a girl in a tree, you can get one from the shop now if you're quick enough!


Sangeeta Bhagawati

Sangeeta Bhagawati is a London based printmaker from India. She makes linoprints with chinecollé, mono prints and etchings. She is inspired by her experience of growing up as a woman in a South Asian culture. The subjects of her prints are mostly women and she tries to channel the feelings of rebellion, strength and communion through her art on woman and body.

Sangeeta’s prints revolve around images of body. They evoke the relation of body with pleasure, loss, power as well as growth. These images, of bodies together as well as in isolation, hinges on the narrative potential of Sangeeta’s work – each print dwells on the possibility of multiple interpretation by the viewer. The aim is to encourage the viewers to feel the myriad emotions provoked by these carvings and mark makings on body.


Tiffany Gregory


Tiffany is an artist and maker based in Surrey. Her work takes on both 2D and 3D form. She uses print, paint, collage, stitch, mixed media and mosaic and she loves to recycle - it depends on where her ideas take her!
She also runs workshops, accepts commissions and has an online shop with Folksy. Check out the links above.

For her project piece she has chosen the ultimate home comfort or school meal that nearly everyone who ever was a  child in Britain will remember. How many hoops could you thread onto your fork?


Anna Place

Anna is a print and pattern making artist based in the North East. I just love this Viking longboat she's carved, such clean precise lines with cute but definitive shapes, which really make her work stand out from the printmaking crowd. 

For her Thought Press Project piece, she has been influenced by picture postcards and old photographs from her family holidays as a child.



Ann Froggatt

Ann Froggatt is a London-based printmaker.  She experiments with mixed media. I really enjoy her use of line and pattern to emphasise both distance and nearness in some of her earlier works. I’ve pictured here a print she’s created where the different patterns differentiate the human figures. 

For her Thought Press Project piece, she has contributed a print featuring an open book and it is utterly captivating, please have a look in the shop to find it!


Georgina Clift


Georgina Clift is London based printmaker who here has presented the timeless motif of the hare and the moon in a series of prints entitled ‘Lunar Cycle’ – to see it in full, please visit her original post on her Instagram grid. I love the way the hare literally dips in and out of the moonlight through the split alternating blue and white coloured shapes that form this print.

For her Thought Press Project piece, she has produced a similarly striking print featuring foxes. Visit the shop to find it!


Stella Yeung

Stella is the London based linoprint artist behind Inked by Indigo. Alongside printmaking, she also works in the museum sector.


Her artwork is inspired mainly by nature and nostalgia.


Her Thought Press Project piece 'Windmill' represents childhood memories of beach front stalls with windmill toys catching the sea breeze.


You can find her work on Etsy and Instagram. 


Basia Kufel


Basia, who produces beautiful works from her home workshop in Edinburgh, is a talented printmaker  inspired by "nature and incomprehensible dreams"

She works in a recognisable style using lovely small curls of relief to build her printed images. I especially admire the detail and nod to Art Deco with the tiny crabs in each bottom corner of this beautiful heron print.

For her Thought Press project print, she has been inspired by cracking walnuts and has in turn made a cracking piece which you can check out in the shop here.


Bee Fitzpatrick


Bee Fitzpatrick is from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and creates playful illustrations and artwork, including original prints and custom collage. I just love the variety of printed images she finds and uses and the ones she has created from her own mind.  


One of her childhood memories is being surrounded by brilliant women who could sew things to fit anyone or anything, and I just love the sewing machine print she has produced from this memory. This print is perfect for the project theme.


Jess Baker

Jess Baker from Southampton uses many of her prints to fight against the effects of climate change and protect the environment.

'Secrets of the Sea' takes inspiration from Hokusai's masterpiece 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' with her own spin on all kinds of marine animals and underwater plantlife. Printed here in navy ink on thick watercolour card, the depths of the ink as absorbed by the card, reflect the depths of the ocean and all its glory. Check out her Etsy shop where 20% of profits donated to environmental causes.

Her project piece is a wonderful delve into the world of the rockpool, go take a dip in the shop!


Bruno Foulstone

Bruno Foulstone is a young Bath-based printmaker, currently studying art with a focus on fashion.


Bruno's prints vary in style but the subject matter is often music-related. I have chosen to show you his Bob Dylan print in which you can see his use of heavy shadow to make an iconic rock star image that stands out from the crowd. 

For his Thought Press Project piece, Bruno has carried on this heavy shadow and contrast to create a wonderfully bold and stylised print which you can now see in the shop!


Louise Greenhill

Louise Greenhill from Birmingham is an amazing artist who has drawn on Rossetti for inspiration in many of her recent works which feature female forms juxtaposed with plant and animal forms.

I really like this snaky print reminiscent of the Garden of Eden.

Her Instagram grid shows a wealth of work, drawing on many classical art images and experimenting with different types of ink, paper and textiles. She takes commissions too, so why not check out her work today!

Her lovely surreal print 'Dreamer' which she developed just for the Thought Press is available now.


Will Sanders


A freelance Illustrator and printmaker, working from his small but perfectly formed studio in the heart of rural South Leicestershire. History, architecture, mythology and storytelling are the greatest inspirations for his work, and he loves creating prints which illustrate interesting parts of the past. His illustration work has an energetic line to it, which brings to life the characters on the paper that come bouncing into his head from reading a manuscript or character description.

Alongside his illustration and printmaking work, he has also worked with some fantastic small businesses, developing their logo and brand identity.

If you would like to work with him please get in touch.


Charlotte Padgham


Charlotte Padgham from London, is a visual artist, fire-breather, jewellery designer with experience of stage management too! In November 2019, her work formed part of the Outsider Open Exhibition by Dontwalkwalk Gallery and in July 2020, she took part in The Art of Isolation by @rodkitsonart. She also works with different forms of relief and intaglio printmaking focusing on texture and decay, as well as reworking, repurposing and recycling materials.  I love this delicate snowflake rubber print which is beautiful in its fragility and the sense of its instant decay as a reaction to warmth.


Christopher Parkin


YouTube - Tunes in the Parkin Pad

The incredible "Christophski" or Christopher Parkin from Stockton-on-Tees who I discovered through Artfulbox and their Artful Daily Challenge is moving ahead in leaps and bounds in his linoprint work. He does this in his spare time between being an accountant, and singing to guitar in his husband and wife duo.

I've decided to show you here his Medusa for the March of the Monsters prompt, which he and a fellow lino-cutting friend started on Instagram as a linocut and printing challenge of their own. You can check out more of his work, see if you can spot Chewbacca on his Instagram grid. Enjoy!

For the Thought Press Project, Parkin has produced two prints which are both available in the shop.


Gemma Brady


Gemma is a Ladieswear Designer and mum of three boys. She has a love of photography, arts and the little things in life. This certainly comes through in her gorgeous collage work where she really uses colour and texture to advantage!

For the Thought Press Project, she has produced a linoprint that should appeal to anyone with an eye for photography. Its simple but beautiful composition mean it will fit in anywhere in your home, perhaps in the entranceway near the umbrella stand is a good option? You decide! She has generously donated 15 copies, 9 of which are still available in the shop.


Jen Lamb


Jen Lamb is from Levenshulme in Manchester. She is a designer and maker, using screenprints, etchings and other printmaking techniques. Jen is heavily involved in design work and her print fot the Thought Press Project is bold, fun and very stylised with a nod to her old childhood favourite brand - Groovy Chicks, Bang on the Door!

 I have chosen to picture here one of a series of little houseplant linoprints. This one combines some old screenprints with her linocut of a houseplant.  I appreciate the movement and purposeful chatter of this beautiful leafy print.


Gina Ghuman

Gina is a self-taught printmaker and inclusive feminist based in London. Her prints are predominantly themed on nature and femininity but also take inspiration from various cultures, architecture and history. She likes to work with bold colours and various paper types to achieve different styles and results.

I just love what she’s done with ‘Dragon’s Fury’ by overlaying 2 colour prints to create a heat and a flaming effect to the Chinese dragon image. 

For her Thought Press Project she has used a very different style which immediately recalls children and childhood. Have a look!


Allie Clubb


Allie Clubb is a printmaker living in the Shetlands. Here I have presented her beautiful old "hoose" as she so describes it.... It's the house next door to where she once lived.

For her Thought Press Project print she has taken and illustrated a favourite phrase from her childhood which is a lovely thoughtful piece to have displayed in any home. Please do have a look at more of her work on Instagram and in the shop here.


Tricia Johnson


Tricia Johnson is an artist working across an extensive variety of arts disciplines.  She studied Art & Design in the Midlands before moving to the Sussex coast and gaining a B.A. (Hons) Degree.  She then went on to achieve various teaching qualifications. She enjoys the challenge and exploration found in absorbing new methods and processes.  

Tricia enjoys printmaking and the joy of the process is what pushes her work forward creatively. Learning different printing methods has helped her to begin experimenting with distinctive approaches to her prints and printing style.  She works in both intaglio and relief.  

She has exhibited in venues local to her, along the south coast, but has also had the privilege of exhibiting her work in the Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition, Tokushima, Japan. Along with exhibitions at; Banks Mill Studios Derby, The Art House Wakefield, neo: Gallery Bolton, Gallery@OXO Oxo Tower Wharf South Bank London, Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong and Cube gallery Moscow. 

Follow her work on instagram or visit her website to see finished works and her current courses.


Ben Hennessy


Ben is a self-taught printmaker based in South Wales. His prints vary greatly in subject matter. Look at this excellent dog lino print, I love the way the small short marks and lines have built up the texture in the dog's fur. 

His print for the project is colourful and nostalgic but also shows us how fast technology has moved since we were young.


Rachel Wright

Rachel is a Devon based printmaker, who creates all her work from her own designs, by hand.

Here she excites with her girl in magenta! She has several severely attractive prints including the storm in a teacup, ship in a bottle and sleeping mermaid. There is a maritime theme and I like her sweeping curves and pretty arrangements of shapes.

For her Thought Press Project print, she has produced another sea themed print - have a look at where your imagination will take you - as far as her paper boat maybe? It's in the shop now!


Hannah Bigley


Freelance illustrator based in East Anglia, with an interest in portraiture, music, symbolism, printmaking and typography.

Graduate of MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts & BA (Hons) Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

Received awards including the D&AD New Blood Awards 2015 - Monotype Graphite Penci, and has worked for the likes of MOJO magazine.


Her print for the project is simple but stunning, in the shop now!


Gemma Kilby


This artist is based in Essex and has many talents, based around her love of paper and books.

It was very difficult to choose which print to feature and I narrowed it down to this hungry open-mouthed baby bird print and the 1960s vibe car print. This printmaker covers a broad range of subjects.


Gemma is adept at bookbinding as well as printmaking. In fact she is helping to bind some books of original prints from this project by hand which will be available in the shop or at auction! For the Thought Press Project, she has produced a nostalgic piece based around the folded paper toys we used to make when we were children.


Toby Tremlett


Toby Tremlett @harshdarklines has a dark and yearning style to his mainly monochromatic prints.


Torn between showing this and one of his bolder pieces, I think this one shows more complexity and references some truly great modern literature. This print is based on George Orr, a character in Ursula Le Guin’s ‘Lathe of Heaven’, a man whose dreams influence the world around him.

Toby is evidently a deep thinker as his contribution for the project clearly shows - it's about floating consciousness and you can find it in the shop where you can read more about it in the product description, in the artist's own words.


Jessica Yeong


Jessica Yeong is the printmaker behind Bert and Roxy. Jessica is based in Lancashire with roots in Hong Kong.

Her work is centred around the daily rituals of her life intertwined with her Cantonese culture and heritage. This usually means the theme of food is quite prominent, as it is such an integral and important part of the culture.

Using observational drawing, she translates these to block and then carefully hand carves and hand burnishes them to create nostalgic and heart-warming prints that capture the peace and simplicity of these mundane domestic tasks.


Karl Morgan


Linocut printmaker working from a summerhouse at the bottom of the garden in sunny West Wales, Karl Morgan has produced some outstanding pop icon prints from the likes of De La Soul to Nick Cave and everything in between. He has been featured in Pressing Matters magazine issue 14..

Karl  lives in Llanelli, south Wales and prints under the moniker of Facing West Prints. By day he’s an Exhibitions Officer at Swansea Museum, by night he escapes to his summer house studio at the bottom of his garden and immerses himself in his passion for print. Self-taught, he traded his years of graphic design experience for something a bit more ‘hands on’. His images are influenced by his passion for pop culture, music & literary heroes and Welsh language & culture.
One of his loves is collaborating with musicians on album artwork.

HIs first taste of printmaking came in secondary school art class with some etchings, Then nothing for 25 years until the Covid 19 pandemic reignited his passion for printing which became a little world to escape to. He is really interested in the combination of image and type. and his graphic design background helps a lot with composition.
The print community on Instagram has been a huge source of encouragement and the Pressing Matters magazine has been a huge source of inspiration.


Lucy Michelle Hanna


Lucy is an Edinburgh based printmaker and educator who studied at Gray's School of Art..

When not in the classroom, Lucy enjoys creating linocuts and prints and recently been working on unique pet portraits.

Her work is inspired by nature, animals and their natural habitats. Her style of printing is playful, wildlife-inspired and picks up on naturally-occurring patterns and textures in their natural environments. You can see this in the rabbit print pictured here, with the lines in the lettuce that frames the bunny. You can also see it in her print of the sheep with its fields and rolling hills, or her panther lounging on its branch with the pattern of the bark and the trails of leafy vines hanging down, or her toucans with the closely nestled rippled waves behind them, or her polar bear with its pretty snowstorm beside it. 

Be sure to visit her Instagram and DM her if interested in commissioning a piece for yourself!


Emily DeFelice


Emily is an exciting artist based in Manchester, working in a range of mediums, she has been studying textile and fashion most recently and she designs and makes satchels and leather goods as well as fabrics and upholstery.

Tanat Theatre.JPG

Exhibition in Wales

See @jonnyscaramuzza for all the latest news on the exhibition in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant.

Llanrhaeadr’s Tanat Theatre has had an overhaul! The newly refurbished theatre will be open for the public to come and have a look in August and this will tie in with a National Print Exhibition. Two local artists, Jonny Scarramuzza @jonny_scarramuzza & Ben Clifton @ben_idris_art involved in the #thoughtpressproject - a national charity art project, are bringing an exhibition of the work to Llanrhaeadr on the first weekend of August 2021.

Jonny & Ben are 2 of 100 UK printmakers who designed, carved and printed affordable pieces of art on the theme of childhood memories and imagination, to be sold in aid of two charities - Mind, supporting mental health issues and awareness, and Heart Felt Tips, providing art materials and enabling creative learning opportunities for disadvantaged children.

All 100 prints will be displayed at the fabulously newly refurbished theatre on Friday 6th August from 6-9 pm and then over the weekend from 10am-1pm. The bar will be open for refreshments throughout and people will be on hand to answer questions about the work on display, the theatre and all of the projects that go on there.

A big thanks to Jonny, without whom this exhibition would not be possible!
👏 👏 👏 🌟 ✨ ☺
& thanks to Ben and all the other printmakers for contributing.

While you're waiting for this exhibition, head over to the shop while the prints are still in stock!


Exhibition in Ipswich

September is the month to visit The Hold in Ipswich!

Planning is underway for selected works to represent the UK Southern Regions of printmakers involved in the Thought Press Project

The exhibition will run from 6th September until 3rd October 2021 at The Hold in Ipswich @suffolkarchives

Limited numbers of people will be admitted into the foyer area to view original prints by the artists involved.

We are still searching for any other spaces to exhibit our work in the Northern and Midlands regions, or any space large enough for the entire body of work if possible!

Any curators out there with a gallery on open call, if you can give this project a free exhibition space, any time from this month onwards, please let us know!  Email me using the contact form through the website. Thank you!
Sanira Emon, Thought Press Project Manager

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