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what's the

big idea?

The project theme is 'Childhood Memories and Imagination' as this fits the two charities that the project will be supporting and fundraising for - mental health (Mind) and disadvantaged children's access to creative learning (Heart Felt Tips).

By April 2021, all 100 printmakers will have designed and printed their interpretation of this theme, either by looking back at their own childhood memories or perhaps being inspired by the imagination of their own children.

Please search the hashtag #thoughtpressproject to find out what our printmakers have been up to and see process sketches, designs, carving and in some cases finished prints, some of which are already available to buy in the shop part of this website!

So go on, have a look, buy a print and help raise some money today for Mind and Heart Felt Tips!









linoprint by Rebecca Daniel

About Us


This project is as much about building friendships, connections and artistic influences and feeling like part of a bigger movement in creativity and kindness, as much as it is about raising money for Mind and Heart Felt Tips. 


Here are some of the lovely comments from the printmakers involved:

Sharon Hiley @sonabeam said of her partnership with Allie Clubb @print.clubb  "Thank you, it's nice to have arty contact in isolating times!"


Hannah Bigley @hannahelisabethbigley said of her new printmaking pal Rachel Lloyd @rachlloydpress, "I'm so glad to be a part of ... something so big, and for such a good's been so nice chatting to Rach... that's such a good idea to match people up."


monotype by Vicki Jordan