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Introducing the 100 printmakers for 2023!

...Read all about them in their bios below...

It's 2023, the theme is Animal Magic and we are raising money for Magic Breakfast and Edible Rotherhithe. 

The Thought Press logo shown opposite has been rebranded especially for this year's theme and handcarved and printed by Dave Hall @davehallprintmaker

We have 90 adult printmakers based all over the UK from the Shetlands down to Hove!

To complete this wonderful team of 100 printmakers, Edible Rotherhithe are supporting 10 Young Thought Pressers who will be donating their prints, which they will have made in their after school clubs and printmaking sessions with artist Liam Richardson.


Sarah Payling

This artist works from her Bedford home studio where I’m sure her twin boys get up to no end of mischief!

She would describe herself as an ‘emerging difficult woman’ and her current works have a strong feminist edge.

Current affairs and in particular the attack of women's rights has had an immense impact on the messages in her artwork.

She has been practicing printmaking for a few years since the birth of her children and is currently studying colour theory.

Sarah's introverted nature needs nothing more than a paint brush or some printing tools to fill her with energy! Her passion is portraiture.

.This is Sarah's third year contributing to Thought Press.


Andy Greenacre

This Suffolk-based artist, loves to create playful pieces using ink, sculpture and photography. In 2017 he dug out his dad’s old lino-cutting kit and carved an image of Southwold Lighthouse. He was hooked and hasn’t stopped printing since! I just love this 'Bread Totem' he’s created, it’s so much fun and very original!  Andy's 'Zoltar Speaks' is available to buy in the Thought Press Project Shop.
Now a full-time artist working in print, photographing, sculpture and writing, Andy is also a speaker & broadcaster on all aspects of creativity and passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy being creative. He recently published his first book ‘Create with Andy G’ (see more HERE).

Joanna Padfield profile_edited.jpg

Joanna Padfield


An artist and printmaker based in Norfolk. Joanna studied art and design at Norwich school of Art, where she was able to develop appreciation and understanding of the arts. Drawn to the graphic quality of linocuts , she now produces original limited edition linocuts. The process of drawing  and use of colour is important to her, all prints start life as hand drawn imagery in her sketchbook, then developed into designs. Each block is hand-carved over many hours before being inked and pressed. Joanna loves to contrast black and white with the endless possibilities of colour.
With a love of nature and the natural environment her inspiration comes from her surroundings; wildlife, the woods, fields, heathland, the sea and the salt marshes all inspire her.
Every print is hand pulled, and therefore proudly show the various marks left from the rough surface of the lino block, giving each piece of artwork that unique handmade quality.


Sanira Emon

Thought Press Project Founder 

Trustee at @ediblerotherhithe

Heart Felt Tips Committee Member

Sanira is an Illustrator and Printmaker who loves to promote her art online and in person at craft fairs.
She takes inspiration from myths and folktales, strong women characters from fiction and pop culture. She also takes commissions including portraits.
Sanira has been featured in 'Printmaking Today' and 'Pressing Matters' for her work on the Thought Press Project. which has now returned for its third year!

Dave profile.JPG

Dave Hall

Dave is a printmaker from Bristol who works in lino print and screen print. His designs are often finished off with hand painting or drawing when the details can't be achieved by printing alone. Rather than printing one intricate block, the uniqueness in Dave's work is achieved from carving one simple design and printing it over and over again in a spectrum of colours. Dave's subject matter is often retro icons like cassette tapes, Penguin books or polaroid cameras and he loves producing personal designs which celebrate his own hobbies and the city of Bristol.

Gaby profile.JPG

Gaby Spencer


Art has been part of Gaby's life for as long as she can remember. Growing up in France, where she attended design school in Bordeaux, my imagination was fired by the landscape and wildlife around me. 


Moving to first Scotland and then to the Cotswolds Gaby worked in social care and for charities, but always filled her spare time with drawing and painting. She is now focused on printmaking, where she uses linocut and drypoint techniques to create images that are inspired by wildlife, landscape, imagination, mythology, and the different worlds around us. Since the birth of her daughter, Gaby has added some of the humour and sense of fun from children’s imaginations.


Andrea Brown

Andrea from Devon, is mainly a lino-cut artist but also dabbles in other forms of print such as cyanotype. Her work is inspired by marine life. 

RosReade prof.JPG

Rosanna Reade

A Northern Irish printmaker based in Edinburgh, Rosanna works mainly in linocut prints, though she dabbles in lots of other art practices. She loves the unpredictability of print, and the manual processes of carving and printing.
Nature, humour and storytelling are the biggest influences on my work. She has always loved illustrated books and graphic novels, which has influenced my style and developed my desire to tell a story with my work.


Marion Foster

A self-taught printmaker based in north Hampshire, Marion has recently rekindled a love for drawing and found a passion for all things printmaking, especially linocut and screen printing.  She is always learning new things and currently experimenting with combining the two methods.  A keen walker, she draws inspiration from nature and life on her allotment.

Lesa Welch.jpeg

Lesa Welch


Lesa is originally from Bedfordshire but after teaching Art at a large secondary school for 18 years moved to Cornwall to focus on her own work. Lesa is a Lino artist who has set up Coffee Cake Create, an art cafe in beautiful Polperro, where she runs classes and showcases local artists work as well as her own. 

She takes inspiration from the sea and swimming with a nautical theme running through , mermaids, sailors, jellyfish and waves often appear as well as celebrating sea shanties! 


Rebecca Perdue

Rebecca is a hugely talented printmaker from Marlborough. She creates beautifully detailed prints with the theme of British wildlife. She also combines lino print with embroidery and textile printing so please do look at her Instagram account and give her a follow. There’s a lot to learn from this printmaker. Her work is available to buy on Etsy.


Vivien House

Vivien is a linocut lover based in Cambridgeshire. Her prints are mostly inspired by nature and wildlife with a strong emphasis on pattern play using elements of natural backgrounds and echoing the form of the main subject.  She often hand tints her lino prints with watercolour or prints on marbled paper. Vivien had an interview with The Fens Magazine which you can read in the February 2021 issue.
In 2022 she organised an exhibition for all participating printmakers of Thought Press at Peterborough Cathedral, which was a huge success.


Claire Griffiths

Claire Griffiths, an artist and printmaker from the North West of England has produced this gorgeous crab by using lino print on top of a monoprint..

Her work has maritime themes and I love the tangible nature of her prints, I think I can almost feel the texture through my screen! If you would like to get your hands on her prints and feel and see that texture up close, visit her Etsy shop. Links are above.


Babs Pease

Babs Please is a renowned printmaker and artist based n Clackmannanshire in Scotland. She has been working on printmaking and art since graduating from Edinburgh University. Her work is characterised by big sweeping lines and curves and a lot of different creatures from the natural world, including her native Ochils region. One of my favourites is her Egret print. The pieces have a traditional feel with a modern twist, and she often works in 2 or more colours. Her project piece "When I grow up" sol out very quickly in 2021 so don't miss her 2023 offering!

Spindle bio_edited.jpg

Gareth Barnes

Currently based in Leeds but originally from New Zealand Gareth studied illustration and design at university,  He tried his hand at linocut printing during the Covid lockdowns and after clicking with it, has had a print project on the go ever since. He likes to delve into his imagination when coming up with ideas and creates prints that catch people's attention and hopefully intrigues them.  Gareth loves to combine subject matter in unusual ways, and works in detail, shape and texture. He really loves the process (which can be a mega challenge at times) from the idea-sketching to the carving, and working with ink. 

Anna Lucas profile_edited.jpg

Anna Lucas

Anna’s interest in Linocut prints started at school and was reawakened when she completed a lampshade making course, which involved creating a Linocut Print fabric. Self taught and living in the Bedfordshire countryside, Anna created Linocut Prints inspired by nature. Her work ranges from Limited Edition Prints to Hand Printed Fabrics, which she sews into items for the home. Anna’s work can be found on Instagram and Etsy.


Vicki Jordan

This artist based in Cheshire, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, produces original linocuts, intaglio and monotype prints. I recommend her lovely bird linoprint, perching against a geometric patterned leaf-green background, a real eye-catcher!


Georgia Green

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of art in 2018, Georgia Green has been working as a printmaker, muralist and illustrator across Britain and Europe.In Georgia’s prints dreamscapes and landscapes collide; people and interiors soften into hyper-bright plant and bird motifs; anthropomorphic forms dissolve into something delightfully primitive and hopeful. Within these spaces memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each print. Her work is fun, lighthearted and accessible.


Jane Spink


Jane is a former Art Teacher based near Rayleigh Windmill in Essex. She makes gorgeous seasonal prints inspired by nature, and even offers a quarterly print club where members have special access to new releases. Her project offerings in the past included her beautiful Zebra Finch! The print shown here is her ‘Lesser Spotted Woodpecker’ which is both colourful yet shows off the beauty of Jane’s detailed line work where she captures the delicacy and fragility of each animal she depicts.


Becca Thorne

Becca is an illustrator and printmaker based in Bristol, where she works from her spare room studio, using sustainable materials. Originally from the Forest of Dean, her linocut prints are heavily inspired by a childhood spent immersed in the nature and history of the ancient woodland. Becca's work has been used to illustrate a wide variety of themes, including conservation, folklore, poetry, food, gardening and history, by clients like the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, National Trust Books, BBC History Magazine and The Folio Society. You can see more of her original prints and illustration work on her website links above.


Gill Thornton

Gill Thornton is a linocut artist who creates original, limited edition prints from her studio on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. Her artwork is mostly inspired by the landscapes of East Anglia or other places she has visited. Many of her prints feature local wildlife, especially on the
local fens.
Gill’s fascination with linocuts began after unexpectedly receiving a basic kit for Christmas in 2013. Since then, she has experimented with various techniques and attended a number of linocut workshops with various printmakers. The most notable of these was Ian Philips, whose influence developed her focus on landscapes and reflections. He was also the first to fire her interest in using the reduction method to create multi-coloured prints from a single piece of lino. It is the unpredictability of reduction prints that Gill finds most absorbing.
The pandemic gave Gill time to concentrate on printmaking (which up until then had been just a hobby) without distraction. She has gradually increased the number of editions she creates of each print to meet the demand for her artwork. Gill’s palette is generally quite
muted, which gives her work a distinctive look and depth.


Shane Surgey

This artist from Sheffield is currently creating his first full art collection which has a striking style involving lots of movement and motion, and evokes the flight and motion of birds, the sea and wind currents.

He takes his inspiration from birdlife and nature and works with linocuts to produce some beautiful, balanced prints. The set of prints he has made for the Thought Press Project is beautiful and you should buy yours while stocks last!


Lucy Lou Rose

This printmaker is based in Brighton. She uses multi blocks to create contrasting linear representations of wild animals. I love the big cats series but have featured her big dog here instead. She has a very distinctive style and her great sense of humour comes through in the titles and colour choices. Her lino print designs are available to be printed onto t-shirts, mugs and other Lucy Lou merchandise, all you need to do is ask her!


Louise Midgley

This artist is based in Surrey, Her brand name being inspired by her time in the East, she uses a lot of swirling lines and often opts for a gradient colour print as in the fiery phoenix that I have chosen to showcase here.

She has run linocut workshops in the past and she has her own website where you can check out more of her work, including portraits and nature-inspired prints. Her portraits are particularly eye-catching, ranging from icons such as Louis Armstrong to Virginia Woolf.


Darren Mason

Darren Mason, a printmaker from the Midlands, makes some excellent reptilian prints and much more! He likes to print in monochrome and show a lot of intricacy in his style of printing. I have enjoyed Darren’s work for a long time and he draws on mythslegends and folklore as well as nature and wildlife. My favourite print is his dragon (of which I now own a copy) but I also love the battle linoprint and his gargoyles too.  

You should definitely treat yourself to a copy of 'Guarding the Keep' which is available in the shop now!


Amie Bell

A printmaker from Cambridgeshire, with a clear-cut style to her artwork. She has some fabulous fruit prints including these ripe and juicy-looking strawberries that I’d like you to feast your eyes on! Many of her prints are perfect for the kitchen or anywhere around the home. She has a bold contrasting style but with floral graces. 

Amie has contributed to the project, a beautiful print of a crab in a rock pool on some special banana paper which gives the effect of seaweed. This is available in the shop now! And directly from the artist thereafter.


Emily Felgate

This artist from Colchester has been using the natural world as her inspiration. I love the classic illustration leaping pose she's chosen for her detailed fox print.
I think this fox is great with a lot of bundled up energy, as well as decorative intention expressed in the position and small lines in the fox's fur!

Look out for Emily's 'The Old Cottage' linoprint 2021, and 'My Octopus Teacher' linoprint 2023, in the Thought Press Project shop.


Ben Clifton


Ben Clifton is a Shetland based artist working primarily in printmaking and sculpture. He finds insperation through the breath takingly beautiful environment that Shetland has to offer and the wildlife that calls it home.   


Ben has had various works displayed in galleries and exhibitions including past Thought Press Project exhibitions


Nicky Ormesher

Mythago Prints was created in 2021 by Nicky Ormesher. Nicky is a printmaker based in Chester but grew up in the wilds of Snowdonia. As reflected in her work, she is deeply influenced by myths and legends and all things wonderfully weird and magical. 

Most of her prints are hand finished with watercolour, acrylic and gold leaf.

Her work is available to purchase on Etsy


Fizah Afzal

This emerging printmaker from Bradford prints many gorgeous subject matters and I enjoy the clear lines against black backgrounds that characterise her recent work. I particularly enjoyed looking at all the scales on these fish!

Watch out for the special swan lino print that she is making for Thought Press Project. It will soon be in the shop.


Russ Parkinson


Russ is an artist from East London working mainly in papercut and linocut mediums. HIs work is edgy with charisma and he creates sharp contrasts between bright colours combined with black ink. I love this sunny looking Jester type character. The ruff is charming! He often draws on figures from literature such as the minotaur. Check out his Instagram to see more work.
His print 'Little King' has just been was available in 2021 and mentioned in the Spring 2021 edition of Printmaking Today, in an article about the Thought Press Project.


Adam JF


Adam, born in Brighton 1988, who still shares his time between the South Coast and London, started making linoprints on and off since around 2017, and has been working consistently in printmaking for the last two years. He enjoys making linocut or woodcut prints of people or places photographed or sketched on his travels. 
Adam currently works as a painter, mostly of fishing scenes, but if he had it his way, he would work full time as a Printmaker. If you'd like to meet him and buy his work, he has a Sunday pitch at the weekly Bayswater Road Sunday Art Market where he sells once or twice a month.

Sara Pryce_edited.jpg

Sara Pryce

Sara is a printmaker from Southampton.

Liam profile.JPG

Liam Richardson


Printmaker at Edible Rotherhithe

This artist from Edinburgh, now based in London, makes colourful abstract pieces using many forms of printmaking.


Masha Tiplady

Masha Tiplady is a renowned self-taught printmaker based in Edinburgh, who takes her inspiration from nature and glamour of bygone eras. She is a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and People of Print.
It all started with a little lino workshop at a local pub and just look at her work now! Often using leafy, feathery strokes, and fine detail, Masha is the master of thick and thin, light and dark, using concentric shapes to accentuate shadows or lighten tone. Her subjects vary from flowers to Bowie but I think this childhood memory of her pet dog, one of her earliest prints, would make the perfect contribution to the project. 


Faye Dudley

Faye Dudley is a printmaker from the West Midlands. She took up linoprinting as a lockdown hobby and hasn't stopped since, For Thought Press 2021 and 2022 she experimented with foil and reduction prints. Her 2021 'The Pier' has since sold out and her 2022 print 'Persephone' is still available in the shop, but it's limited stock. Get yours now!

rjonesprint profile.JPG

Rachel Jones


Rachel Jones is a self-taight printmaker who lives on the Kent Coast.


Gemma Trickey


Gemma Trickey is a notable contemporary Printmaker from the South West.

Currently exhibiting in Bristol, Gemma's work has appeared in many places and on many products, including her own fantastic 'Hunky Punk' wallpaper.


Roz Howling

Roz is attracted to printmaking because being able to pull multiple prints from a single plate enables her to experiment with colour, mark making and texture. She enjoys comparing the outcomes from the original image to develop and stylise her technique.

Roz takes inspiration from the landscapes that surround her and the wildlife and animals in these landscapes. The trees and agricultural landscape feature in her work, often including scenery she has hiked through and explored.

Roz enjoys experimenting and is ever evolving her technique and style in response to the subject of her inspiration. Her work is varied in both its style and technique.


Alfie Robinson

This printer fellow called Alfie, from Leeds achieves charming curved details in his prints based around antique objects.

I love this street furniture clock piece. A real blast from the past and I miss seeing these kinds of things in big cities. Well done to Alfie for preserving these in print form, hopefully for future generations to learn about the past!

For the Thought Press Project, Alfie has printed a wonderful treehouse based on his childhood wishes for one, he lived in a terraced house with a very small back yard so he never got to play in one of these!

Strangford profile.JPG



Jo  is a Printmaker from Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland.

Bold, original prints feature playful images of animals with unusual proportions in surreal situations dominate her current series of works.


Kelly Burgess


This printmaker and artist from Essex, also works as an Occupational Therapist and uses her art in her mental health work. 

In 2022 Kelly took part in Ipswich Print Week and exhibited her work at Under the Rainbow event at Bluewater Shopping Centre.


Katie Armstrong

This artist from Northern Ireland makes linocuts inspired by Irish wildlife, and I recommend you follow her account on Instagram, as she is  a very talented printmaker. 

 I’ve chosen to picture here this cheeky puffin, joyously flipping his feet.

Katie also produces embroidered pieces in addition to linocut and prints.

Her little mouse print is very sweet and would make a lovely addition to anyone's print collection or home, check it out in the Thought Press Project shop.


Samantha Cawson

Samantha Cawson, London based owner of two beautiful rabbits has named her printmaking account after them, "Dot and Sass Press." On her Instagram account you will see appearances from them interspersed by her bold and sassy linocuts.

Her works have a theme of nostalgia and retro vibes running through them and she has a strong style with solid shapes. I absolutely adore her print based on a scene in 1980s film ‘Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead’ as it brings back happy memories of watching this on VCR with my siblings. Love it! 

Her aptly named print featuring erasers "We All Make Mistakes" is now available in the Thought Press Project shop.


Andrew Campe


Andrew is a Printmaker and artist, predominantly working in linocut. He has a degree in Illustration from the University of Derby.

Having started his career as graphite pencil portrait artist, Andrew began working in linocut printmaking in 2016. His work has developed both technically and stylistically since then, and he is now producing colourful multi block and reduction linocut prints. Although Andrew draws his inspiration from a variety of subjects, his work often revolves around the natural world, food, music, film and nostalgia from his childhood.


Gavin Hillage

As well as being a Teacher of German, Gavin is a printmaker working from his home studio in London across screen printing, etching, aquatint and linocut.

He has a range of work, most recently using stripes in a chiaroscuro fashion to portray the human form. I have featured here this early 4-colour reduction print in the style of Picasso! 

His prints are available to buy in his Etsy shop and he has just begun making lino print pop up cards.

Gavin's print for the Thought Press Project is a perfect portrayal of imagination, you definitely need to see this print - go to the shop page!


Magriet Straatman

Good Day is  Mags – an illustrator who designs and hand-produces prints, bags and gifts in her London workshop. Mags' designs are inspired by the loves and passions from her life, from children's books, to her dachshund Percy.

Mags produces handprinted, unique products that are made of 100% organic fabrics or printed on recycled paper using natural dyes and inks to ensure they are environmentally friendly.


Zoe Ansari


This artist from Cambridgeshire has worked with etching in the past and is now happily applying her skills to other forms of printmaking including linoprint.

I think this print 'Wolf in the Woods' is definitely one of her best. She expresses great shapes and posture and a lot of folksy, decorative detail!

For her Thought Press Project print, Zoe has produced something equally wonderful and it will rock your world - go and check out her Instagram grid to see what I mean.


Steph Dean


Steph Dean is a multi media artist based in Staffordshire.


Owen Collier

Owen Collier based in the South West, has a bold graphic style to his prints.


Anna Place

Anna is a print and pattern making artist based in the North East. I just love this Viking longboat she's carved, such clean precise lines with cute but definitive shapes, which really make her work stand out from the printmaking crowd. 

For her Thought Press Project piece, she has been influenced by picture postcards and old photographs from her family holidays as a child.



Jen Lamb


Jen Lamb is from Levenshulme in Manchester. She is a designer and maker, using screenprints, etchings and other printmaking techniques. Jen is heavily involved in design work and her print fot the Thought Press Project is bold, fun and very stylised with a nod to her old childhood favourite brand - Groovy Chicks, Bang on the Door!

 I have chosen to picture here one of a series of little houseplant linoprints. This one combines some old screenprints with her linocut of a houseplant.  I appreciate the movement and purposeful chatter of this beautiful leafy print.


Gina Ghuman

Gina is a self-taught printmaker and inclusive feminist based in London. Her prints are predominantly themed on nature and femininity but also take inspiration from various cultures, architecture and history. She likes to work with bold colours and various paper types to achieve different styles and results.

I just love what she’s done with ‘Dragon’s Fury’ by overlaying 2 colour prints to create a heat and a flaming effect to the Chinese dragon image. 

For her Thought Press Project she has used a very different style which immediately recalls children and childhood. Have a look!


Nicole Purdie


Nicole Purdie, an illustrator and printmaker from Dorset.

She trained in Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth, spending several years after graduating in 2007 creating murals and art for live events and festivals. Nicole started experimenting with the linocut technique back in 2019, and quickly fell in love with the process. Nicole’s work examines connections between people and place; often dealing with the female experience, her prints explore women’s place in society both historically and presently. Much of her work addresses ideas of nature, climate, and the human connection we have to our environment. By using a strong narrative and unique visual language in her designs, Nicole is able to present ideas in a clear and engaging way for her audience. The printmaker creates all her print work in her home studio in Bridport, Dorset, printing with a Gunning etching press. As well as selling her limited edition prints online, Nicole now has a range of products and clothing printed with her designs, which she is adding to and developing all the time.  She has worked on many commercial illustration projects for big name brands, and exhibited around the world.


John Pedder


John Pedder, woodcut artist from Sheffield, is well known for his bright and bold and geometric abstract prints of human  and other figures. He is also the founder of One of Many Postcard - follow #oneofmanypostcard on social media to find out more! His new book, 'Small Mercies' contains a daily helping of feel-good woodcut prints, definitely made to make you smile 😊 

For his Thought Press Project piece John has produced a blind embossed print of the word ART.


Morag Bassingthwaighte

This artist from Manningtree in Essex specialises in linocuts and etchings which show great talent, and storytelling ability.



Vicky Gomez

A printmaker based in Hove, and winner of Handprinted UK 'Joy' print competition, has a strikingly sharp print style.

Her ode to Joy, a little boy jumping up and smacking his heels mid-air, is perfect in gold on black. 

For her Thought Press Print she has created a delightful cartoon-style girl makes cardboard robot scenario, read more about ithis childhood memory, in the artist's own words, by sliding through the images on the website shop on here.

You can find out more about the artist using the links above.


Rebecca Ravenhill


This artist lives with her family in the pretty village of Horrabridge on Dartmoor National Park, in Devon. She produces a great range of art and prints (mostly lino) drawing inspiration from the ever changing Dartmoor countryside, flora and fauna, and tales and legends. Her linoprint for the project is called 'Head in the Clouds' and you can check it out in the shop here!

This hot pink number is called ‘Shake Your Tail Feathers’ and I absolutely love it, it displays the absolute flamboyance of a flamingo.


Elly Rowbotham

Elly Rowbotham Printmaker BA (Hons)

Elly is a Printmaker based in Cornwall. Her work is inspired by a mix of life-long interests (which recur) and her environment. An experience will trigger an idea and combine with something from her surroundings. There's a story behind each design which you can discover when you visit each work.

Sophie F cactus.JPG

Sophie Fincham

Sophie hails from East Essex and has always loved creating in many different mediums.

With a strong interest in recycling and ecocraft, Sophie makes origami stars and baskets as well as hand-stamped notebooks and cards. You can find her work for sale in many shops around the East Essex area.


Amanda Cardoso


This printmaker from the South Downs, has a bold style with seemingly hurried strokes in her cuts that lend well to depict furred or feathered animals! The subjects are injected with much character and quirkiness! 
Last year her linocuts of buildings were commissioned by the National Trust.

For her previous Thought Press Project prints she has produced a lovely beach scene for 2021 and a delicate print called Harvest for 2022. Get yours while stocks last!

cp prof.JPG

Charlotte Pope

Based in the London suburbs on the border with Kent, Charlotte's main printmaking focus is linocut. After originally studying textile design at degree level, Charlotte had a long break from creating before taking up linoprinting and is self-taught. She makes limited edition prints based on a range of inspirations, including nature, heritage and mythology.

polly profile.JPG

Polly Marix Evans

Printmaker based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria. Her work features self portraiture and often contain witty and playful ideas.


Nusye McComish


Nusye is a Printmaker from Portsmouth. She runs workshops and takes commissions for linoprints.


Bee Fitzpatrick


Bee Fitzpatrick is from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and creates playful illustrations and artwork, including original prints and custom collage. I just love the variety of printed images she finds and uses and the ones she has created from her own mind.  


One of her childhood memories is being surrounded by brilliant women who could sew things to fit anyone or anything, and I just love the sewing machine print she has produced from this memory. This print is perfect for the project theme.


Mike Allison

Mike is an artist based in Birmingham.
He has always been inspired by cities. The mix of the subjectively beautiful and not so beautiful alongside each other, the big landmarks, the different times of the day with their changes in light and pace.
Currently he is working on a series of prints [51 and counting November 22] which are available from his Etsy shop.


Andy Hall

Andy Hall is a Printmaker and Letterpress artist based in London.


Emma Nicholls

Emma is a Printmaker based in the South West.


Jo Boddy


Jo is a Printmaker based in Berkshire. She is fascinated by the effect the natural world has on our emotional state. Sunlight slanting through trees in a forest, purple skies reflected in wet sand at the shoreline, the array of shapes and colours in the clouds above us every day; there is so much to marvel at.

She works in print, specifically creating linocut and collagraph prints. 

Her prints all begin with direct observation of the natural world around her.  Jo interprets this observation through photographs and sketches which form the basis of every print.  Through her prints she tries to capture the essence of her experience in the natural world.


Haychley Webb


Haychley is a traditional linocut printmaker based in Norwich, Norfolk in the East of England. She designs, carves and prints original linocut designs, both open and limited edition, using a wooden spoon or small printing press. She teaches linocut workshops around Norfolk and participates in markets and events around the county.​ Her prints blend nature, history and the interactions between man and the environment.



Fiona Morris

Fiona ia an illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker based in the UK. She is from Essex and currently based in the North East.




A Printmaker and artist from Cheltenham.

GM prof.JPG

Georgie Moore

Georgie Moore is an Artist/Illustrator/Printmaker, based in Dorset, UK


Christopher Parkin


YouTube - Tunes in the Parkin Pad

The incredible "Christophski" or Christopher Parkin from Stockton-on-Tees who I discovered through Artfulbox and their Artful Daily Challenge is moving ahead in leaps and bounds in his linoprint work. He does this in his spare time between being an accountant, and singing to guitar in his husband and wife duo.
Parkin has produced two prints for Thought Press in 2021 which are both available in the shop.

ingprint prof_edited.jpg

Ingrid Nilsson

Ingrid studied various printmaking techniques at art college in the 1990s, but she was always chasing new experiences and methods, so this knowledge remained unused for many years.
For ten years Ingrid ran a gallery / cafe / framing business in Edinburgh, which she set up with her partner Stuart. 

Post pandemic, Ingrid now works from home, printing in a workshop space eked out of the back end of her kitchen. She uses water based print inks due to the limitations on her space, a lever press and Somerset or Awagami washi paper.
Ingrid's  inspiration comes from pretty much anything; she loves nature and wild places, travel and art history, yoga, cycling, cold water swimming (and warm if she can get there!).  She is always reading, learning, thinking up new hare-brained schemes and seeing if they will work!


Rose Farris


Rose is an artist based in the Midlands.


Sarah Billany

Sarah has a love for doodling, carving and printing original lino cut designs. She has eclectic tastes and  takes inspiration from various sources including nature and spots on the planet that bring her hope and comfort, from the Lake District, Whitby, and East Yorkshire Coast to the woods on her doorstep and the armchair her dog snores in.
She endeavours to capture the things that fill her with nostalgia and bring her joy. She finds so much peace in the process of designing, cutting and hand-printing. 


Amy Cundall


Having had a creative mind from a young age, Amy Louise Cundall has always thrived in an environment of visual language over academia. She studied Art and Design at the Hitchin Centre for the Arts, and this, along with other courses she has partaken in, ignited her passion for linocut printmaking. Today, the self-taught printmaker works from her home studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


Amy has an intrigue for the natural world, and oceanic life is a strong source of inspiration for her work.

Wild beasts A5 lino print Maria Buttuller.jpg

Maria Buttuler


Maria is a Cotswold based printmaker who produces limited-edition prints from her home studio ‘The Old Crooked House’. Maria is inspired by nature, flora and gothic themes and explores concepts that include folklore, identity, and mythology. When she is not printing, she can often be found outdoors feeding her pet sheep or simply staring at plants and birds.


Diana Catchpole


An illustrator and printmaker based in the South Cambridgeshire countryside, Diana began her career illustrating children's books and this has carried over into her own work. There is a story behind each print she creates, especially the more fantastical ones! She finds inspiration in her surroundings, the countryside and the wonderful animals that inhabit it.

Truffle Shuffle v2.jpg

Sarah Delahoy

Instagram: @del_art_ful

Facebook: @DelARTfulDesigns

Twitter: del_ART_ful

This Forest of Dean based artist works mainly in collagraph and linocut to create limited edition prints. As well as developing her own work as a full-time printmaker Sarah also teaches printmaking workshops at her studio.Sarah’s current work is inspired by the natural world with a focus on local wildlife, but she also loves to explore retro imagery from her childhood.


Beth S Robertson


Beth is an illustrator and printmaker from Scotland. She lives in a village in Fife and is surrounded by the countryside and a beautiful river that meets the sea. She is trained in Illustration and Printmaking, Design and Art Psychotherapy and has worked in several organisations helping people recover from trauma.


She now focuses her efforts on her own art practice and she tutors occasional relief printmaking classes at DCA Print Studio in Dundee.  She also works with the education team to provide art as therapy for people who have had a stroke or a brain injury and she helps them use art as part of their rehabilitation journey. She is able to help both with physical and mental wellbeing of the participants.


Alice Turner

Alice is a self taught printmaker based in South East London, She began her printmaking journey in the first lockdown and hasn’t looked back! She is a big nature lover and this is where she gets a lot of her inspiration. The process of printmaking is what she enjoys most and the uniqueness that each print comes out with. You can find  more of her work and follow her printmaking journey on Instagram on the link above.


Julia Faith


In 2018 Julia discovered printing through a ‘mark making’ evening class at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham under the tuition of Sarah Moss a local artist and print maker.

Following this she has been creating lino images at home in my spare time.  Her lino cutting journey has been an interesting one which has featured mainly the faces of women.   

She is presently working on a range of lino cuttings featuring silhouettes of women’s faces and floral designs by William Morris.   She has always loved his designs and try to feature extracts of them in my work.   Some of her work is turned into inspirational greeting cards which are sold at local shops.  

The demand for prints depicting women of colour from friends and family highlighted to Julia, the lack of representation of black women on various forms of mainstream art.

As a result of this she began producing ‘Inspirational cards’ for shops in the Birmingham area and for private customers.

All of her prints present something positive to the viewer so whatever it is that you are contemplating in life, what are you waiting for?  The time is now.


Anthea Wood

Anthea is a second career printmaker and has always drawn and painted, but has more recently been challenged and inspired by printmaking. Oil painting and pastel commissions sit alongside watercolours and lino prints in her online gallery. She is enjoying developing new techniques whilst building on old ones and inspired by the incredible scenery around her. In 2022 she organised an exhibition in Wooler for Thought Press and she has been teaching printmaking classes locally.


Masha Tiplady

Masha is a self taught printmaker based in Edinburgh who regularly exhibits her work in galleries and has been featured in printmaking magazines such as Pressing Matters. She returns to Thought Press for a second time. You can read her bio on the Printmakers 2021 page and find her 'My Library' print in the shop.


James Treadaway


Although James Treadaway studied Fine Art Painting, he fell hard for screenprinting!...those gorgeous flat colours, overlays and textures proved to be too strong a lure. A sucker for nostalgia, James regularly exploits the 80’s and 90’s as inspiration for his prints. Based in Suffolk, James prints and runs workshops with his partner in a studio they built together in a simultaneously ambitious and foolish effort during lockdown.


Suzi Thompson


Printmaker based in Sheffield who also organises the Sheffield Print Fair. Her work is amazing especially her drypoint prints. Buy directly from her shop through Instagram - her handle is given above. This is her second year on Thought Press.


Laura Bateman

Laura Bateman is a Veterinary Expert by day and a printmaker by night. Her love of animals shows in her choice of subject matter and the portrayal of creatures great and small are wonderful to behold. This is her first time on Thought Press and she has produced a beautiful linocut print depicting wolves.


Katja Lelic


Printmaker specialising in screenprints and textile printing. Playful and colourful compositions with a contemporary hand drawn aesthetic dominates much of Katja's current artwork. This is her second year with Thought Press.

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