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School Shoes

School Shoes

Limited edition colour linoprint (on A5 150gsm paper) available in either black with fluorescent accent or sepia, by Colleen Ellington @ellingtonart The sepia colour prints are a shade of brown created from Essdee and Schmincke printing inks, that cannot be repeated so this is a rare edition from the artist.(All prints lovingly created using a washing mangle as a print press.)


The print is based on memories of the artist's schooldays, when going to be fitted for school shoes felt like a major event! She thinks she remembers them being called "baby doll shoes" but can't be sure now. She got her first pair when she was 9 or 10 years old and thought them as "very cool" as they seemed so casual and comfortable after the more formal stiff school shoes she had been used to wearing.

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