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Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night

Limited edition of 10 signed and numbered, original 4-layer reduction lino print in oil-based inks on A4 Snowdon 300gsm paper (Image size 15 x 20cm) by Anthea Wood @amwood_art

This tranquil scene of a shepherdess surveying her flock is inspired by the prompt 'Growing Food'.

The design is inspired by British Farming and reflects on the challenge that farming faces to feed our nation and support the environment. Wind turbines in the background represent climate friendly practice, whilst hedgerow buzzing with bees and butterflies represents conservation; Livestock and arable practices signify the importance of land management and diversity, whilst a little cottage nearby hints at local consumers eating local produce. On the horizon you can spot a townscape which represents the need to produce enough food for our population.

Maybe the young shepherdess is reflecting on some of this as she leans on the gate; or maybe she is just enjoying a moment with her sheep as the sun goes down on another day!

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