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We Take Turns, My Rabbit and Me

We Take Turns, My Rabbit and Me

Monochrome linoprint in black Cranfield caligo safe wash ink on white A4 sized acid free Zerkall printmaking paper, 145gsm. by Polly Marix Evans @utterly_polly

"Each one is individually hand inked and printed on my little Albion press, which used to belong to my great grandfather.

The first sketch I did for Animal Magic was my usual character, Bun-Head, pulling a rather cross looking rabbit out of a hat. Then I thought it would be more amusing to reverse the roles and have a ginormous rabbit pulling Bun-Head from the hat instead! Though Bun-Head doesn't even have her hair in a bun this time (she likes to confuse people) and looks more like my eldest niece, Cherry.

When my sister and I were little, Dad always did magic tricks at our birthday parties. I still don't know how he did some of them! But I loved my childhood of having coins pop out of my ears, or tomatoes disappear into thin air!"

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