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We Take Turns, My Rabbit and Me By @utterly_polly

We Take Turns, My Rabbit and Me By @utterly_polly

Monochrome linoprint in black Cranfield caligo safe wash ink on white A4 sized acid free Zerkall printmaking paper, 145gsm. by Polly Marix Evans @utterly_polly

"Each one is individually hand inked and printed on my little Albion press, which used to belong to my great grandfather.

The first sketch I did for Animal Magic was my usual character, Bun-Head, pulling a rather cross looking rabbit out of a hat. Then I thought it would be more amusing to reverse the roles and have a ginormous rabbit pulling Bun-Head from the hat instead! Though Bun-Head doesn't even have her hair in a bun this time (she likes to confuse people) and looks more like my eldest niece, Cherry.

When my sister and I were little, Dad always did magic tricks at our birthday parties. I still don't know how he did some of them! But I loved my childhood of having coins pop out of my ears, or tomatoes disappear into thin air!"

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