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Now You See Me by Tricia Johnson

Now You See Me by Tricia Johnson

Monochrome wood engraving printed in a terracotta blend of oil-based inks on Hosho paper sized 19.5cm x 14 cm (print size: 7.5cm x 5 cm) by Tricia Johnson @artwithtricia

With this wood engraving I've tried to capture the magic of nature. The hermit crab is such a wonderful and intriguing creature. Hidden away in its shell home. I have found a few on the shoreline and you have to look really closely to know there is a tiny crab in there. Patience and stillness is needed to coax the crab out of its safe space.

I work with all different types of printmaking. This engraving was made on a tiny maple block and has allowed me to explore intricate mark making with the engraving tools.

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