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Moon Moth By @rebeccaravenhillart

Moon Moth By @rebeccaravenhillart

Linoprint in Cranfield Safewash relief inks  with pure gold leaf gilding on A4 sized 250gsm Fabriano paper by Rebecca Ravenhill @rebeccaravenhillart

This Luna moth lino print, in beautiful green and yellow, has pure gold leaf gilded moons for a touch of luxury. 

The Luna moth, or Moon moth, has long been associated with magic and mystery and its appearance has led many cultures to view it as a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

The moth's association with the moon and its lunar phases ties it to feminine energy and in mythology there are references to the Great Mother Goddess or Moon Goddess.  

The Celestial symbols of the crescent moons add an ethereal quality to this piece, as if the moth itself is imbued with a mystical power that reflects the moons influence and hint at the powerful transformative potential that lies within us all.

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