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"Heal" by

"Heal" by

'Heal' by Sanira Emon

Monochrome linoprint in black oil based ink with metal foil in 'gold' on A4 sized Kent Printmakers paper.

This linocut print design responds to the 2024 Thought Press theme of 'Bring Me Sunshine.'

Isis is the original Mother of all Healing, the Ancient Egyptian goddess, sister to the vengeful Set who destroyed their brother Osiris. She is carrying her son Horus, the left eye symbol, with her wings outspread in her classic seated pose. She brings new life after magically healing the lost and reunited body parts of her lover and brother Osiris and miraculously begetting Horus, healer of the eyes. Isis is seen here unusually sitting inside the halo-like structure often seen as worn on the heads of important figures in paintings and statues or relics of Ancient Egypt - this symbol is known as the 'radiant crown' which is the sun representing the Ancient Egyptian sun-god Ra, enclasped by bull horns.

Through her persecution by Set, she still brings sunshine to people's lives through healing and second chances.

A new illustration of an age-old myth.

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