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Dragon's Love By @morag_ellen

Dragon's Love By @morag_ellen

A multi block, three-colour linocut print mixing Cranfield Caligo safe wash inks to produce vibrant rich colours. Pressed onto A4 Sea White 140 gsm paper by Morag Bassingthwaighte @morag_ellen

Bellicent makes her nest in a deep dark cave. Tiny glints of gold glisten on the walls as she gently breathes fire surrounding herself and her two sea green eggs which she protects with a fierce passion.

Thin cracks begin to appear, getting bigger, longer and splitting as they slowly hatch. One head first while the other follows with tail wriggling from the bottom of its casing.

How clever am I, thinks Bellicent, to have two magical creatures who will soar through the skies, gliding and swooping, discovering new lands near and far.

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