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Bzzzy at Work

Bzzzy at Work

Limited varied edition woodcut print by Mark Simpson @mark_making

Hand burnished using a bamboo barren and spoon on 40gsm Hosho paper and measures 210mm x 273mm. It has been signed titled and numbered in a varied edition of 12.

I wanted to focus my design around the importance bees play as pollinators and the by product of what they do, growing honey. I began with honeycomb pattern from which the piece evolved from, encompassing the image of a flower, hive and bees at work.

This is a multi block woodcut, printed using two separate pieces of shina ply to make up the various aspects and layers of the print. It is printed using a single pigment, yellow ochre mixed with transparent medium also known as ink extender, to achieve varying tints.

While every care was taken to be consistent, due to the use of transparent medium, the use of multiple layers and the fact that it was hand burnished, each print has slight variation in tone and texture.

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