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"Bring Me Sunshine" by @ofbooksandbees

"Bring Me Sunshine" by @ofbooksandbees

"Bring Me Sunshine" is an original cyanotype, watercolour and linocut print.

Printed on 300gsm Snowdon paper using non-toxic oil-based ink and cyanotype solution.

Signed and titled , open edition. 8" x 10"

As a printmaker exploring cyanotypes, this years theme gave me so many ideas!

As the cyanotype process uses the sun exposure to create distinctive blue prints, which I used for the background to create a night scene.

I then included my interest in cartoons, movement and playfulness by adding a puppy fetching a star or very small sun, shining all the way.

The dog was handcarved in lino and printed over the background using oil based ink. The final details (orange) were added using watercolour.

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