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A Beautiful Mind By @bprerdue.printmaker

A Beautiful Mind By @bprerdue.printmaker

Original linocut by Rebecca Perdue @bperdue.printmaker

Image size: 30x32cm

Printed on to Hereford 145gsm paper using Caligo Safewash inks

Inspired by the magical work of creative polymath Kit Williams. I first saw his fantastically illustrated riddle book Masquerade as a youngster. I would pore over the intricate imagery long before I really understood the hidden messages and symbols they contained.

This wonderful book fuelled a lifelong love of literature, illustration, folklore and of course, animals, (although that particular seed had already been sown and nurtured with a succession of much loved pets). If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is!

This linocut print is an ode to an inspiring creative, (the Kit Williams version of this magic animal circle symbol can be found within the pages of Masquerade) and is for anyone who is inspired by the possibilities of a creative life, loves literature and the beautiful, pure minds of our animal friends.

Buy this print with or without the small badger holding a brayer print, a special extra by the artist especially for 'Animal Magic' Thought Press 2023. extra by E

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