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Selkie I By @mashatiplady

Selkie I By @mashatiplady

Monochrome wood engraving print by Masha Tiplady @mashatiplady

Image size 8x10cm. Paper size approx 19x16cm. Titled, numbered and signed in pencil.

A small limited edition of 15. Handprinted in highly-pigmented oil-based ink on  beautiful  heavyweight 100% cotton rag paper Somerset (250gsm). Paper has hand-torn edges.

“Selkie I" - an original handprinted wood engraving, inspired by the mythological creatures from Scottish and Celtic folklore. Selkies, or "seal folk",  are seal-like creatures, capable of therianthropy or shape-shifting, who can change into humans by shedding their skin. They are found in folktales originating from the Northern Isles of Scotland. 

Wood engraving is a form of relief printmaking. The image is engraved with very sharp finely-pointed tools into a mirror- smooth surface of an endgrain block (in this case - lemonwood). The surface is then inked up and the image is printed onto paper. 

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