A Family of Heirlooms

A Family of Heirlooms

Full colour multiblock linoprint on A4/210x300mm 200gsm acid free heavyweight cartridge paper by Dave Hall @davehallprintmaking

The artist has used a combination of 6 water-based printing inks from Essdee and Schmincke.

The print is made up of multiple blocks printed in a spectrum of colours!

Each print contains 62 hand-pressed block applications; 18 tomatoes, 18 leaves, 18 stalks and 8 sections of branch.

This printmaker makes his life more difficult by collaging blocks together but he's such a fan of colour, one block is never enough!

Dave always try to make his prints as colourful as possible so his first thought was of fruits and vegetables which grow in a variety of colours. Heirloom tomatoes were the perfect subject matter as they come in such a wide range of shapes colours and sizes. But Dave's graphic design degree always brings him back to a tidy graphic layout.